Friday, August 08, 2008

Fair(l)y ready!

Katie's friend Ella (Jodie's daughter) is having a fairy birthday party tomorrow. Been chatting to Jodie but she is busy making toadstools, bees, butterflies and flowers!! Yikes! Been chatting to Wendy trying to work out where to buy the "essential" fairy items. One has to just LOVE the Asian $2 shops!! Eeekkkk!

Are we excited? You better believe it! Is Mum (alias wanna-be-fairy Helen) just as excited as her 3 yo daughter? Well ... let's see. Checklist:
fairy skirt - check! hair ties and crown - check! brand new wings - check! ballet shoes - check! nail polish and funky nail stickers - check! stick-on face jewellery - check! wand - check! new glitter make up - check!

Most important item ..... camera - check!


Jodie Redman said...

LOL! What a cute post Helen!! Looks like Katie is going to look gorgeous!! I don't know who's more excited Ella or me!! LOL!! See you tomorrow! ps looking forward to seeing LOTS of photos from you!!

Leah said...

Looks like it's going to be a blast! The girls must be itching to get the party started!

evanwick said...

What an amazing idea! I wish I could be a fairy too! Looks like Katie is all set! I can't wait so see photos!

Wendy said...

Oh Helen what a stash!! Looks like you found everything!! Love the photo, excellant job! The lighting is perfect!! Yea!

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