Thursday, July 10, 2008

A placemat and a Red/Burnt Mo!

"Are we there yet?"...... two more days to go!! Alrighty then ... today was Bunnings (hardware store) to make placemats. Now figuring we already have way too many of said placemats, some dear friends are in for a real treat (if the glue ever dries) LOL! My kids just love making stuff though and the girl who runs it knows us well. Upon leaving she presented them with Bunnings tennis balls, pencils, balloons and drink bottles! The kids were thrilled.

Glue city! Let me tell you .... laid it on nice and thick!

Now this guy was a different story (see my entry below). I was impressed that Hugh got up to participate with this rather scary and absurd man!

Now what is critical here is my photography. LOL! Shutter speed and ISO seemed right! Hooray! And sadly Wend I could not rest the camera on anything as I was consoling/protecting Katie. This photo below I was most thrilled with as he was jumping and juggling all over the place!


Wendy said...

Okay you are in a library and there are flames? Ekkk...LOL...Never seen a pirate playing with fire! Yea to Hugh for getting up there, terrific job! H your photos look good. Great job on the settings!!

Jodie Redman said...

I thought the same as Wendy - flames in a library could have been very interesting!! I know what you mean about the glue - E's still isn't dry!!

evanwick said...

Ooh...those placemats will make a *special* gift for sure! But I'm still puzzled over the flaming pirate....I wonder if they'll ever ask him to come back!

Nancy said...

he sure looks like some kind of character now doesn't he? what a shame he was scaring katie. Hugh is a brave boy!

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