Thursday, July 10, 2008

One scary pirate and for all the wrong reasons

I was not really impressed with this guy. Perhaps children are the greatest judges as Katie squished closer and closer to me, until she was on top of me "I don't like this pirate!" He had children in tears as he waved the flames under their faces. Yikes! His humour was also quite adult. Anyways, it was a trip out and he was a talented juggler as you will see here. Funny thing though, he set the fire alarm off (you can hear it ringing in the background) and if you listen carefully you can hear Katie whining to me (hey! I did good taking this and consoling a terrified child - hehehe) "cuddle". So if you ever see an advert for Red Mo the Pirate, keep moving on.


Jodie Redman said...

Oh dear! Will be sure to remember that name and not bother going to see him!!

Wendy said...

Oh MY...Flames and books not a good combination...Just too funny and poor Katie! I can't say as I blame her. I'll remember to stay away from Mo...Ekkk

evanwick said...

That is so scary pirate for sure!

Krissy said...

OH MY GOSH! Don't hire HIM for any parties! I hope they don't bring him back.. poor Katie!

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