Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday photos....what would I do without my Auskick?

What would I do without my Sunday Auskick (Aussie rules football) to play with my camera? We are experiencing very foggy mornings presently, but yesterday was foggy for the greater part of the day. Still the boys were out there playing and Katie was all rugged up in her poncho and matching hat playing Barbies with Ella and me.....I had camera in hand as always.


Tiffany's Photos said...

wow beautiful pinky poncho on katie.. i remmy i used to have it when i was little not that style.. i used knit poncho it was bluewhite and purple..
iwill try find a pic of me when i was little but it was olddd pic..
cutie pic of girls and wow ur son football good taken pictures..

Jodie Redman said...

Great photos as usual Helen! What setting did you take those photos on? The colours are so vibrant. Or have you been fiddling with them in Picasa?!

Wendy said...

I so love that poncho and hat on Katie, it is definitely her color. I was shocked to see color photos, lol...and OH MY the colors just popped!! Beautiful, lol. Didn't your Mom make Katies Poncho, it's beautiful and she did a fantastic job!! You are the woman who ROCKS with action shots, GREAT job!! Yea Auskick!!

Christine said...

Katie looks adorable! And great action shot!

evanwick said...

Gorgeous shots!!! Those colors just pop!! Love the angles too!!


mosbarger said...

YESSS!!! More color photos from you!!! These are stunning- loooove the saturation and contrast here- STUNNING!!!! Wonderful shots!!!!!!

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