Friday, May 30, 2008

On this Friday night

On this Friday night at approximately 7:50pm I sit contented. Had my fill of fish n'chips. All is tidy and calm and the weekend awaits. My daughter is watching Barbie Fairytopia on the "big telly" as a treat. My two boys are on their respective computers shooting each other in "Call of Duty". And me? Me...I hear you asking. Well, I am glad you asked. I sit here on my beloved lap top, uploading these photos, thinking about feet (thanks Wen...eewww...but you too could join in this fun), sipping on a Southern Comfort and lemonade (soda? - a weakness of mine and Den rewarded me with a bottle tonight) and singing to Doris Day, the best of. Yes Karin! I know you were horrified that I listen to and love the Carpenters (thanks to my sister ten years senior, growing up early '70s was there any other group?) But my mother has endeared me to these old classics - mind you Den is calling out "please don't sing" but I stand tall, "How can you not?". Come on Leah.... you support Frank! Can you extend it to Doris? I don't see why not. Now to the photos (as I sing "the milkman's on his way....") in short the sky tonight was incredible and I had to "play". I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs. For you see, apart from needing to shoot feet and toes this weekend, I have decided that each weekend I am determined to learn something new with my camera. All of you shooting our there and experimenting have inspired me to push myself further. So as a Friday night starts, here we go, (all these photos are raw - no PS here):
Above: straight off the camera, basic settings (the view over my back neighbours roof top)

Above: here I have the setting on "red"

Above: the colour setting is now on vivid
Above: the setting is still on vivid but ten minutes later.

Now back to Doris and singing "take me back to the Black Hills the Black Hills of Dakota"! Or better yet:

Who's the most popular personality?I can't help thinkin' it's no one else but me. Gee, I feel just about ten feet tall, havin' a ball. Guess ya might call me a Pollyanna

Serious DAG here Karin aka DCP (Dag Club President)

Happy "feet and toes" shooting my friends.


Leah said...

Doris??? Hmmm, I'm not really familiar with her. She must be **cough** beyond my years! LOL, just kidding. I say sing loud and sing proud girl!!!! Sing OVER the sound of guns and ammo in the other room. LOL!

*Sigh* I HEART the sky pictures! What is up with sky, it's ever so perfect, but the question is, can you shoot feet with the flare and pizazz of moi??

Wendy said...

lol...are you okay you are rambling...Laughing at Leahs last paragraph...She has a point...the Sky was beautiful and you did a Fantastic job of shooting (Wow the colors are gorgeous)it but can you shoot feet and or toes? LOL...

Christine said...

Wow, the colours in that sky - incredible! I *heart* nights like this one you had - everyone blissfully doing "their" thing but still all together. But, girl, Southern Comfort? Don't tell me your a whiskey girl! Well, you and my hubby would get along just fine! Well, actually he likes scotch... scotch and whiskey - same thing? Don't know. Anyway, glad to hear you had some time for yourself to chill! Have a great weekend!

mosbarger said...

First of all, GORGEOUS pictures!!!! My gosh, I would have had to tweak them in PS to come up with colors like that!!! Way to go!!!! BUT, I did not see any nasty toes or hooves on the horizon??? What's up with THAT?

OK, now, I am definitely resigning as DCP- Doris Day? The Carpenters? Oh no, this girl (that would be ME!) is waaaaay too coooooool for DD and KC....oh, that would be a cool abr. for Doris Day and Karen Carpenter!!!!!
Poor Den.

Liz said...

wow!!! Amazing photos Helen!! what a spectacular view you have. :)

evanwick said...

Oh Helen!! First...Happy Friday night...although I suppose you are on to Saturday now! The Carpenters....Sean loves the sound of Karen's voice. And Doris too... How funny!! On a warm summer night we've been known to listen to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller...mmmmmm

As I sit here eating dinner for one (Sean will be home at 7 and Rosie's just not interested) I'm enjoying that beautiful sky too!!


Jodie Redman said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening Helen! Can't really comment on Doris Day - I vaguely know who she is but no idea what her songs are!! Wow those photos are amazing - thanks for adding the settings they were taken on. Hope you find some lovely feet to photograph!! Have a great weekend.

Amy said...

Hi Helen-Sunsets are my personal fav and you caught a great one! Thanks to you and Nancy I'm off to take pictures of feet and toes. Thanks for sharing !

Jorinde said...
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Jorinde said...

Wow, the sky was so beautiful!!!

Rania Maatouk said...

Beautiful photos ... i love sunset skies

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