Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Just a few snaps from yesterday. Inbetween races we managed a walk and a bit of a play in the backyard seeing as it was such a lovely afternoon. Ever faithful "Monster" is never far from his "Master" ..... everybody loves their Daddy! Event the cat! And Hugh is forever pestering his sister for a "monkey cuddle" or a horsey ride. They are so cute when they play well together.


Aimee said...

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Adam said...

Lovely pictures and great blog.

Mellykat said...

Stunning photos...seriously, Helen, you could sell these!


Melly :)

Wendy said...

Helen I love the photo of your "monster cat" is so clear and crisp! Great job!! Of course all your photos are fantastic...looks like you were having fun!! And a beautiful day to be outside too!! Glad you were able to get some photos and enjoy the V8's!! Now if you hadn't side-tracked me on the wordart I would have gotten here sooner, LOL...Hugs!!

Tiffany's Photos said...

wow must have good time good day without bad weather.. and love that cat.. forgive me im loving cat rest of my life since childhood!

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