Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday night at the park....wait for was

GREAT! HIP HIP HOORAY! Den was thrilled to find some food that everyone was happy with. Mind you that was after we went to Red Rooster and they had NO CHICKEN! Puh-lease...Friday night, peak time! Ridiculous! After eating, munchkins tears did flow...."I'm scared...I want to sit in the car". Den wanted to pack up but I refused saying she had to conquer this fear. I got her interested in my camera....and slowly but surely we ventured off the picnic blanket so Mummy could go see the ducks and take some photos. YEY! I think our fear is conquered. It has been two weeks since the bull ant bites....and her foot has still not healed. I took Katie to the doctor yesterday just to be sure and he said it can take up to six weeks! Yikes! So all in all finally a successful park adventure....some more photos can be seen by clicking here. OH! And Wen....the bird is just for's a rosella!


Emily said...

Wow Helen these pics are fantastic

Krissy said...

YAY!!!!!!! So happy the little one overcame her fear. Way to go mom! Your photos are stunning girl!

Wendy said...

Oh Helen these are gorgeous and I love the rosella...Beautiful. It was at the park, so cool!! I am so proud of the way you handled Katie and switched her attention from her fears to something interesting, YEA MUM!!

Mellykat said...

Yay! No mishaps at the park; just no chicken at a chicken restaurant!!?? Bizarro.

Glad you all survived the park on a Friday night! Hope Katie gets better really soon!

Love Melly :)

Celeste said...

This pictures are awesome!! Love the sunset - I wanna go to the park. Those pictures make me feel warm. Thank goodness spring is around the corner SOON!

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