Sunday, January 27, 2008

Run for your life! It's the DOE-BAR

Saturday we just relaxed and watched the women's tennis final. After that we decided it would be to the park (seeing as we missed out on our Friday night meal deal) and home to watch Ratatouille ( which was really great!). Well we lasted about ten minutes at the park as a thunder storm was rolling in. No need to say which member of my family whimpered and cried the WHOLE time, "I want to go home". Finally we got home but Daddy and Hugh still stayed outside working. Chonka would not go out as thunder and lightning were around. Here is what ensued. When you watch this please note a daughter who flutters her eyelids beautifully (something I DO NOT do) and a son who had no idea at the time I was videoing! Have a good giggle!


Wendy said...

ROFLMAO...Actually I was laughing so hard I started choking and Michael ran and got Daddy!! Oh that was good!! Hughie did his part perfectly!!! Good job MUM!! and poor Katie...hopefully she will out grow her fear of "Doe-Bar"!! Thank you Ma'am for the giggle!!

Leah & Terry said...

LOL!!! That is too funny. It looks like Katie was wondering what to do when Hugh told her to run for her life until you laughed. That is adorable. What a sweet thing she is!

Nancy said...

this is such a riot! what a great moment to catch. It reminded me of growing up with my big brothers. It was great to hear your voice too!

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