Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day Weekend '08

Sunday we set off to visit Grandma Hancock in Mornington. She kindly had cooked up a gluten free storm of pesto pizza's and another of tomato and salami! Wonderful. Then there were berry muffins and scones for the troops. Thank you ever so much Bev .... it was all so delicious. We then thought of going to the sand sculpting exhibition but for the price we decided against it. But yey for having a good zoom on the camera. More sand sculpting photos can be seen by clicking here. So we strolled along the Franskton foreshore. Katie now has another phobia - boardwalks!! Yikes! I think she fears falling through the cracks! Tears! Luckily her knight in shining armour came to her rescue once more. Hugh also tried his hand (and feet) at rock climbing. Rather unsuccessfully as he barely got three feet off the ground, but at least he tried.


Leah & Terry said...

Sounds like fun! The pics are fantastic. I assume you will be scrapping those pics of Hughie on the rock wall?? I also love the fourth pic of Katie from behind. It's an amazing shot. I could work with that. he he =)

Wendy said...

Wow what a wonderful Day!! That was so nice of Den's Mum!! I can't wait to see the rest of the sand sculptures...We need to go to ours when they have it in May!! LOL to Katie and the boardwalk...I wonder if it isn't her way of getting Daddy to pick her up and carry her...Go Katie!! Good try on the climbing Hugh!! Keep trying and before you know it you'll make it to the top!! Loved the blog Helen, thanks for sharing!!

Nancy said...

wow! vinny and i are incredibly impressed with that sand art, holy cow! your shots are beautiful, glad you had a great day!

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