Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday night fish n chips in the park - take 2!!

After the horror of last Friday nights trip, this one was most successful I am happy to report. Maybe that had something to do with Daddy forbidding the children to go anywhere near the playground - eekkk! And of course with me wanting to focus on my children and not my photography I did not take my Canon. OH NO! What photos I would have got....great sky! Birds galore and with my video I would have recorded the Cockies (Cockatoo's) going crazy! But alas ... not to be. I shall have to make do with these ones from my little camera with a zoom of about five foot!


Leah & Terry said...

I'm am just seething with jealousy. Your summery pics are amazing!!!!! Glad this was a more successful trip out. Take care Helen.

Yummers! said...

Tell Katie that Grammy J thinks she looks so pretty in her yellow dress and sweater.

Such a cute picture of mummy and her munchkin.

Hugs, Joni

Wendy said...

Well for a little point and click you got some great shots. Would have loved to have seen the birds but ahh well maybe next time!! I love that photo of you and Katie!! Good job!! The sunset is beautiful!! Great job Helen and thanks for sharing!! Glad this trip was without disasters!!

mosbarger said...

Little camera or not, these pictures are WONDERFUL!!!!!! Must be your "mad" photography skills, my dear!!!!! I especially love the one of you and your damsel...simply PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!! So glad your outing was without injury!!!!!!

Angie said...

I love the picture of the two of you. So precious.

Mellykat said...

LOL you might as well have brought the other camera! heehee

Love the pictures and I'm so glad this outing didn't go like last week's!


Melly :)

Jorinde said...

Great pictures for a little camera. What a beautiful place. I am happy to see that Katie's lip looks so much better.

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