Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First day back!

Summer holidays is back on! Thinking I would have tears or be dragging him out of bed at the very least, I was pleasantly surprised to see Hugh up and raring to go...."I am excited Mum". Thank God for that! How much has changed in a year...even tying his own shoes now. I have many more thoughts (and tears) that I had to pour out on paper, so stay tuned for that scrap page to soon follow. Verdict at pick up time though....."I had a good day!" YEY!


Wendy said...

Oh Helen I am so Happy Hugh had a good day!! That news just made my day!! You captured some beautiful moments, way to go Mum!! Yea Hughie!! I'm so proud of him!! He is growing up!!

Angie said...

That's so wonderful, Helen. We never know. . .when August/September rolls around whether Edison will be happy or sad.

He looks so grown up!!

Nancy said...

he does look grown up. i'm glad he had a good day! it's always a little worrysome for us isn't it?

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