Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's a Hi5 Christmas!!!

We just LOVE this CD.....our absolute favourite. Play it loud okay.....(only when Daddy is not at home LOL) and dance like no one is watching! Have a listen click here!


Wendy said...

Too funny!! The photo of Katie is Fantastic. You can tell she is really getting into the music!! Such a little Dance Diva!! Even though it is winter here that song fits us perfectly is in the 70's and very humid!! How come I didn't here the Aussie Jingle bells in any of your videos? You send it and put it in our heads and then you don't even listen to it, LOL...DAG!!

shaui said...

i love hi-5 too! of course fei loves them too! haha! i sing their songs. there was a time (ok. many times ;) even at work their songs were echoing in my head!!! haha!

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