Saturday, October 13, 2007

Daddy's turn!!!!!!

By night I was over blowing bubbles and getting excited - Daddy's turn! Lots of chatter here about "I did wee" and "in the toiley"!! Gosh! Would have cottoned onto this bubble thing earlier if I knew what a hit it was going to be!


Wendy said...

ROFL....Fred was sitting here watching the videos too and cracking up!! Hey Mum whatever works but I would think you might want to invest in a bubble blowing machine...Thank you for making my Sunday evening...I so loved the videos and Den needs to get busy and do more bubble blowing!!

Anonymous said...

Way go Katie...and mom...and dad!!!!! Keep those bubbleS coming!!! Loved the Bratz jammies too- Jessi is a Bratz fanatic!!! These videos are priceless- keep them coming!!!!!!


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