Friday, September 14, 2007

My boy....the fish!

I am so proud of my boy. He is such a great kid. Now....don't get me wrong....he is a boy and really, really annoying sometimes, but his heart is in the right place - emotionally speaking of course! He received his next certificate in swimming (very much into collecting things my boy....quietly competitive) and on the same day was presented with a "Bravery Award" for quietly crying during his blood tests. These are for his annual kidney check up. The woman doing the test said, "I would rather they rant and rave that quietly have all those tears slide down". Yes, Hugh was indeed, VERY, VERY brave!


Angie said...

What a great kid you have! Such a sweet boy.

. . .and I love the quiet competition. I think that's so refreshing when there's a world full of macho idiots who can't speak in full sentences!

You are doing such an excellent job as a Mum!!

Anonymous said...

Hughie is such a sweetheart!! If you don't mind my asking, why does he have to get blood tests every so often? My gosh, did I miss something? I hope he is OK.


Wendy said...

Wow what a day for Hughie!! A swimming certificate and a bravery award!! Something to be very proud about Mum, he has a good heart!!

ChristianeK said...

Congrats to Hughie...what a sweetheart...he is sure racking up the certificates...good for him :)

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