Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello we are the Hancocks and we love electronics

I had to giggle last night! As everyone departed the dinner table and I began to clean up...this is what occurred. Daddy - looking for some escapism - went to play xbox; Hughie usually watches his Dad play but tonight was playing on his Gameboy; and to keep munchkin out of everyone's hair I put "Care Bears" (please note the Barbie nightie Wen) on the computer for her to watch. Yes...we are the Hancocks and we love electronics!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Boy, you might as well not even exist at all!!! Too funny!!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Wendy said...

LOL the technology family!! Atleast everyone was occupied, next time give them each a cardboard box and see what happens, LOL...Katie is going to have that barbie nightgown wore out...but that is okay atleast it is a good color for her and not bright orange, LOL...I think that would have been a good time to grab a book after the kitchen was clean and escape Mum...Thank you for sharing Helen!!

ChristianeK said...

sounds like my evenings...louie usually is on his laptop or on his game system and I'm usually on my computer after I clean up.

Yummers! said...

Wow... look at all the techies! You do so many cute themed groupings of photos. This will make a great layout to remind the kids when they are older. Don't you love a quiet house? Sometimes?

Angie said...

If it weren't for electronics, you and I would not know each other!

So, I'm glad you guys like them!!

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