Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January ... blink and you always miss it

Why is January always the quickest month of the year? Summer holidays might have something to do with it ... anyways, work/school resumes tomorrow and the ol' routine kicks in once more. We have all had a good break and are as ready as we will ever be to begin our new year. I have the same Grade 5/6 class and Hugh is going into Grade 5 (with 1-2 iPads if you don't mind) and Katie my little Grade 2 girl! What adventures await us all. Both will continue there football and dancing activities as well this year.

But first, a reflection on the month that was .....

Den and I spent some lovely days together ..... he is my rock.

The kids and I always enjoy each others company and fill our days over summer. I am a mother that likes hanging out with my kids doing stuff, playing games or just relaxing in our own individual pursuits.

We played loads of games as always ... Cluedo was a big hit this summer and Scrabble/Words with Friends on the iPad/iTouch.

We had a wonderful family day out to the Enchanted Maze ... I think the tube rides were a BIG highlight! Katie was scared at first and Den took her down (I don't do rides LOL) and then she was happy (and so was Hugh thankfully) for them to go down together. Both love takign photos and that of course makes me very happy :)

I am still excited about my literary focus this year ... and love all the books I have been reading so far. I hope there are many more to come.

I am having great fun with my "from where I stand" photo group ... thus all the shots of my feet! It's all good. The kids really got into the tennis/Aus Open this year and it looks as if we may be having regular games and Hugh considers himself the next big champion ;)

As always, January involves many beach days. Hugh is getting a bit reluctant at times to go, but once there they both go crazy and hours just fly by in the sun! Love it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year ... new focus!

I do plan on trying my best to give monthly updates on the comings and goings of the Hancock family over 2012. However .... I am truly inspired with all the amazing reading challenges that there are to be had! Having given away most of my scrapping, "me" time this year involves taking lots of itouch fun photos and reading! Investing all I do in my job, I find that I just long to delve and escape into a good book whenever there is free time.

So, that being said, I have set myself a few fun goals. Take a peek!

If you are not familiar with Goodreads you simply must check it out! Wonderful to link up with friends and so much to inspire. My TBR (to be read) list is VERY long!

Take a look to the side ... all images are linked.

Firstly I am doing the "Just for fun" challenge - one book a month and located at Goodreads.

Secondly, I do love my chick lit! Fun! So I have joined the Chick Lit Plus Challenge (http://chicklitplus.com/chick-lit-challenge-2012-sign/) Samantha is well organised and this looks like fun!

Finally, I wish I could read everything on my Kindle! I am ashamed at how quickly I have deserted the humble paperback! I do love 'real' books - the smell and feel. I do check the library first and more often than not, grab my requested reading from there. But I long to dive into Kindle use this year and joined the 2012 ebook challenge.

So there you have it ... I am excited! Wish me luck as I embark upon this literary journey!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

New Year's Eve - 2011:
Denis - has worked hard all year and is travelling well
Hugh - is minecraft mad and still the most responsible 10 year old I know
Katie - is Katie ... she's the Chonk and dances along to life

and me …..
I survived returning to work - tick
I managed to keep the wheels turning at home - tick
I can feel a readjustment going on ... sadly leaving all my scrapping commitments.
Right decision? Time will tell…

Here are a few snaps from the past week - Happy 2012 everyone!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The home stretch

Half way through Term 3 - YAY! 5 weeks down and 5 to go until the next break! There have been good days, bad days and tough days. But I have come out smiling thanks to a great little family.

That and a 99cents app for my Itouch! Pocket photobooth! It has provided so many giggles and laughs ... best 99c therapy EVAH!!!

There have been trips into the city to meet with friends to dine and eat in the glorious spring sunshine.

Loved my Princess here!

Still having fun with my tiltshifting app ... the river above and Hugh by our lake ... love the effect.

Lots of sitting around and just hanging with the family.

Hugh and his 'boy' Mr Achilles ... this cat will let you do anything to him and gives you big smooches in return!

We went for long bike rides .....

And just fooled around with my latest fetish ... pocketbooth app. Loads of pics to scrap with now!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Been awhile ....

It's been awhile ... life is busy to overflowing. I long for a day when I stand still, put my hands on my hips and think aloud, "what CAN I do now?".

So here is a quick recap of the past few weeks in the Hancock Household:

Hugh went on school camp and had a great time. We all missed him and had a wonderful home coming when my tired but happy boy returned.

On the same day as his return, Katie received the 'student of the week' award for writing such a great story. She was so tickled, "I am a star Mum!".

Hugh could not wait to get home to his boy .... Achilles had missed him too. Hugh's bed was not so inviting without him in it! LOL!

I decided it was time to claim some territory of my own! I needed some space. So the 'spare room/junk room' was cleaned up and "walah!" I have a new study! I am very happay with a great view, aromatherapy and my music in the dock. However, it did not take long for me to have a few too many visitors ... everyone wanted some of my special space!

In setting up my study, I got out all my old fave books as a child. ie. Enid Blyton. Someone just fingered and stroked them so much. They are a little beyond her six years just yet, but I had to go to the library to find her a copy - if only to preserve my ancient ones! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to walk past MY study one weekend morning and saw this out of the corner of my eye!

One trip to the shops with her father, saw Katie return with these! "Disco ball" shoes Mum! I am telling you, she is Imelda Marcos all over! I will be honest ... the future scares me! LOL!

Hugh is starting to find a good balance with his computer and 'other' activity balance. Last weekend he decided to do this constructions and paint job! It turned out great!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Got to LURVE school holidays!

Yes ... that time again ... one week down and one more to go. Forever the 'teacher', my children and I have it all planned out. We love organising a range of things to do: games - cyber and ol' fashion board variety, to the movies to see 'Rio" (highly delightful), a game of mini golf and other things.

Our calendar on the fridge helps us keep track and look forward to things!

I was lucky enough to open the App store one day this week and find the usual $9 apps on sale for $1!! YAY! Monopoly for Ipad has been loads of fun ... with such realistic noises and moves, one just has to love the way the car literally zooms around the board! Best of all, the click of a button for packing up or better yet, easily suspended to be continued for another day.

Den has been trying to teach Hugh some basic electronics ... it's just wonderful to watch.

Den has this coming week off, so lots of just 'hanging around' - literally as you can see! Den took this photo below; what chance do I have of ever training this cat if he thinks it absolutely wonderful to capture him basking in the sun on the kitchen table!

Move over Achilles ... that's my spot!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Achilles our three legged warrior!

Here is the latest addition to our family. Isn't he beautiful! He has won over all our hearts. This photo is made more gorgeous by Romy's beautiful 'Vintage Garden' presets for Lightroom. Check them out HERE.

I am having a blast with my Tiltshifting app for my itouch - I am just in love with the effects ... take a look below at some shots from last weekend.

I really fell in love with the photo below .... I decided it was time for a new look header. Den and I have even noticed that some TV shows (Downton Abbey) are using this effect. It's not 'depth of field', it's simply the complete focus on one element of the image with high saturation and contrast. I love this image below as I feel it encapsulates so much ... the bucket as the feature and representative of how hard Den and I work, the whole house, two cars and kids backgroud and capturing Katie mid flight in skipping was purely coincidentaly. Love it!

Queen's Birthday weekend saw us into the city ... some more Japanese for lunch and then a bit of a 'cake crawl' with time spent at Federation Square to see the buskers and entertainers.

Just wandering around taking in all the many things there are to see and do in town. I can't believe my kids are growing so much ... gosh they both look so tall in these phtoos.

I had to pull out my SLR for this shot below ... isn't it a classic! I just could not decide whether I like the colour or b/w version? What do you think?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just for now ...

outside my window... sunny but very windy
i am thinking... how fast this school term has gone
i am thankful for... being organised
i am wearing... tracky and new Love Never Dies tshirt
i am going to watch on TV... Merlin
i am currently reading... school reports!
i am hoping... to walk more often
on my mind... getting on top of these last few weeks of term
pondering these words... there is a fountain of youth in your mind
from the kitchen... Den cooking chocolate torte
around the house... all is quiet bar the dishwasher
one of my favorite things... listening to Love Never Dies
i'm creating... a positive environment
a few plans for the rest of the week... just a regular week one hopes
from my lens: using my iTouch camera in the city yesterday .... me and my gorgeous little family.

My man (pulling faces as usual)

My boy

My girl

I am having a lot of fun with a new camera iTouch app - tilt shifting. Tilt-shift miniature faking is a process in which a photograph of a life-size location or object is manipulated so that it looks like a photograph of a miniature scale model. Lots of fun!

Katie is writing continuously of late ... the big one shows the introduction of our new cat and the top left is fabulous: "Mum...how do you spell 'sustainability'?" Yikes! A brainstorm of ideas from a six year old! Not bad!

A collage of some Project 52 shots over the past few weeks.

Meet Achilles ... Hugh's new cat ... he came to the shelter in such bad condition they had to amputate his leg. Trust Hugh to fall for him! He seems a great cat ... a real snuggler!

After much anticipation finally yesterday I saw 'Love Never Dies' - Lloyd Webber at his eccentric best in parts. The story was wonderful ... highly embarrassing as tears trickled down my face when the curtain came down.

"So look with your heart
and not with your eyes
The heart understands
the heart never lies
Believe what it feels
And trust what it shows
Look with your heart
the heart always knows"

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