Sunday, August 21, 2011

The home stretch

Half way through Term 3 - YAY! 5 weeks down and 5 to go until the next break! There have been good days, bad days and tough days. But I have come out smiling thanks to a great little family.

That and a 99cents app for my Itouch! Pocket photobooth! It has provided so many giggles and laughs ... best 99c therapy EVAH!!!

There have been trips into the city to meet with friends to dine and eat in the glorious spring sunshine.

Loved my Princess here!

Still having fun with my tiltshifting app ... the river above and Hugh by our lake ... love the effect.

Lots of sitting around and just hanging with the family.

Hugh and his 'boy' Mr Achilles ... this cat will let you do anything to him and gives you big smooches in return!

We went for long bike rides .....

And just fooled around with my latest fetish ... pocketbooth app. Loads of pics to scrap with now!


Sue said...

Yeah for just hanging around with family ... gotta love that!!! DH bought me a smart phone for my birthday, but I haven't actually DL's any apps for it yet! I really must explore & found out what goodies are waiting for me to play with, like photobooth apps! Glad spring is bringing some welcome warmth your way, although it's still only August here, it feels more like late Sept / early Oct ... it's been so overcast & cool of late. I swear there was frost on my windscreen the other morning ... brrrrrrrrr!!!

kym said...

Hang in there only one more term to go. I still think it is weird that we just started school again here and you are almost done. Great photos! I can't wait to get my own iphone and try out the tilt shift.

Lulutoo said...

I love your pics, as always! What a fun app. :) I can always count on you to show me what's new and exciting! My son starts his senior year of high school tomorrow. Congrats on making it half way through the term. :)

Soco said...

So happy to know you're doing well and to see your beautiful photos, my friend! We're doing well too, just coming back from vacation in Switzerlad, it was great! :) Hugs!!!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

love this picture photobooth and ilike the most is hugh withcat oh im loving this most what I love is C A T!!! :)

Ange said...

looove your photos ! Happy to see all is fine with you :) xoxoxo

Jacqueline said...

You hang in there Helen - you're blessed to have your dear family!

Love the photos - happy faces.
Ah, would love new Katie ones - and Hugh too

Must see if I can get on Flickr

your photography is magical - as are you, dear friend

salamandre said...

I loooove your photos, mon amie!!!
It's always a great pleasure for me to come here :-))

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