Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm baaaaack!!!

Season's Greetings to all my friends far and wide. The working year has ended and I am VERY happy about that! Time to spend a much anticipated summer with my two gorgeous children. But first ... what has gone here of late?

I am proud of all I have accomplished this year after being a 'stay at home Mummy' for so long. It has been busy and a huge learning curve for us all this past twelve months, but we have all come out of it enriched and more appreciative of all we are and have. I have decided to make a few changes to my blogging for the future. I will no longer be uploading my scrap pages individually... I have decided to keep my blog for family news and photos. I do still adore my scrapping and it is such a essential part of my life, I hope to maybe do a slideshow of some recent pages. Of course there have been NO scrap pages of late, my scrapping 'to do' list is longer than Santa's present list - seriously! But holidays are here now and I can't wait to throw myself back into my passion.

I will leave you with one of my favourite Christmas pages of this year. Above is a page using some of Ange's fabulous designs. I believe no one quite makes Chrissy trees like Ange! This kit is soon to be released, so click on the image to go to Ange's blog where you can keep your eye on its release and some other amazing goodies Ange is always giving away.

On December 1st, the children and I had our usual annual Christmas photo shoot ... it was fun! Hugh and Katie even ventured to hold and snap with my camera ... thus Hugh and I uncontrollably laughing as Katie is pointing the heavy camera in every direction but at us and finally snapped that pretty good shot!

Each year 'Santa' leaves some ornaments around the house. This year you can see he left a whole wooden little tree where each day magically ornamenets would appear. Hugh was somewhat sceptical but the conviction and certainty of Katie's cries of awe left no one in doubt, "it really IS Santa".

Of course as the years go by ornaments become more meaningful and each year we delight in remembering who gave us which ornaments and what they have come to mean.

Can you believe my baby girl has finished her first year of school! She delighted in each and every day and ended it on an absolute high with a Prep Concert on the "Zoo". Her class were the frogs and all in all it was a fabulous concert.

December also see's Katie's birthday. She and a few little friends partied on at McDonalds eating, dancing and playing. She also had her dream fulfilled - yet another Barbie but this one came with a horse!

Her other request was some more Night Garden toys and what would a birthday be for Imelda without yet another pair of shoes! Happy Birthday to my darling little shadow!

You really are growing up too fast and by the length of those legs will soon be surpassing your mother in height!

I completed this application on Facebook the other day - a status review for 2010. I felt it fairly aptly summed up what a transitional year this has been for me.

So without another blog post before the big celebration, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas!

CLICK HERE to go to credits for any of the above pages in the slideshow


MariaT said...

So nice to catch up with you! I hope Santa brings you some quality time to relax :)

margote05 said...

I am happy to find you Helen;) and as usual, I have a lot of pleasure to come on your blog and to follow the adventures of your small family. I like very much the mosaic of you and the children. Magnificent photos! And effectively, Katie increases and has very long legs;)
I wish you wonderful holidays with your family and one very merry christmas.

Lenore said...

Love all of this holiday happiness!! You always get such fun holiday photos!!

Happy birthday, Katie! How can she be another year older? The baby is all gone, with those beautiful long legs!!!

Sue said...

Woo-hoo, Helen's blogging again ... yeah! Such a wonderful way to wrap up what has no doubt been quite an eventful year. Happy [belated] birthday to Katie, great choice on the glitter flip-flops ... that girl that great style, heck anyone who can dress up as a frog, whilst wearing a green tutu, has STYLE in abundance in my books! It just remains for me to wish all the Hancocks a very Merry Christmas and a FABULOUS New Year!!! Hugs, Sue

kym said...

I love your slideshow of layouts. That is a nice way to display all the lovely layouts that you have done lately. Have a Merry Christmas down under. Enjoy your summer break as well.

Leiko said...

Imelda! Bwahahaha! love it! Happy belated birthday wishes to the birthday girl.

The way you've handled all the changes this year has brought has been amazing, friend.

Mele Kalikimaka to you and yours.


BearFamily said...

Welcome back to blogging land !!!! Missed your daily life photo's and I'm glad to hear you still will be upload them on your blog, I always enjoy reading your daily life things. Happy belated birthday to Katie !!!! Happy holidays and hope you have a great summer vacation (that sounds weird to say, lol, I'm almost snowing away,)

Jacqueline said...

Photo collages beautiful!
I'm happy to see you're sharing photos again they are so precious, dear Helen
HAve a Blessed Christmas and happiness and joy for all your dear family in 2011
Love and warm hugs

kate said...

Helen's blog!! Woot!! The photo of the ornament with the tree bokeh is amazing, by the way. What a great tradition too :)

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