Sunday, November 07, 2010

Taking a blogging break

Another week has flown by and I am beginning to feel that life is racing by faster than Hugh on his scooter down the hill today.

I am pedalling fast to keep up with my seemingly insurmountable list of things to deal with.

So unless I have some earth shattering news to share, I have decided to take a bit of a blogging break. I have about five weeks of school left, then Christmas and then finally the long awaited summer holidays. I hate wishing my life away (a lesson from my mother) but I really can't wait until the new year rolls around. Time to take stock and do some reassessment.

So remember to take some time yourselves and like Katie here, just sit back and chill a little and whenever and wherever the desire takes over.

I need to take a leaf from my daughters book (or in this case DS - bwahaha).


kym said...

Hey Helen, I hear you about taking a break. I've been completely overwhelmed myself and will be taking a huge break! Take care of yourself, hang in there, summer is almost there. I do hope that I will continue to see your lovelies in the galleries.

Sue said...

Hey Helen,


Blogging is only one way of communicating. I've no doubt we'll still here about your trials and tribulations, ups and downs, wishes and dreams, fact and fiction, real life highs and lows through your pages! Focus on what you need to focus on, spend your time doing what you do best and hey, if you fancy sharing a story on line, we'll be here, ready to read & share!

Love you girl!


Lenore said...

Sounds as if you're ready for a break....from a lot of things! You are always going in so many different directions, you've earned it! Enjoy your quiet time when your school break arrives! Hope you maybe hear from you sometime though, whenever you want to get back to it!!

MariaT said...

Enjoy your break! Maybe pull out your ipad and sit next to Katie there :)

Lulutoo said...

I love that photo of Katie! The lighting and angle are so cool. Don't give yourself a moment of guilt over needing time for yourself. Everyone does and you've had more than your share on your plate--too much to keep up for too long without a break. hugs

margote05 said...

Take time to blow Helen. Everything passes so fast and the life takes us in its infernal whirlwind but you should not forget to think to one. I hope that this infernal running is going to calm down for you and that the Christmas holidays are going to do good to you;) big kisses and good week

Anonymous said...

Good for you to recognize your need to step back! Will miss your updates but again, you're a great example to us all! Hugs!

Val said...

just love you sweetie, so much ;-)

Yummers! said...

Enjoy your BREAK and use that time to make wishes come true!

In another week I'm heading to Denver and then on to Phoenix. Just when I'm getting back into the rhythm of blogging again. I've got my December Daily album all togeter and ready to go! That's one of my favorite projects.

Enjoy your time off!

Leah. said...

The light in that photo of Katie is FABULOUS!!!

I feel that over all the miles between us we are still connected in our thoughts and instincts. I miss you chicky and I'm always thinking of my amazing Aussie friend!


Amy said...

A break is a good thing, enjoy it! You're very talented in all your efforts and I enjoy reading and admiring your work. Just making my own way back, too.

salamandre said...

Enjoy this break and take of you.


Jacqueline said...

I'm late of course, but agree a about a break bit! Love your Christmas Music and Katie and Hugh in Santa hats.

Miss you - but every time I open the fridge I see my Australian Family and smile!

lotsa hugs dear Helen

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