Sunday, October 17, 2010

So much to share ...

The past few days have been all about my boy and our ongoing effort to stay on top of his kidney issues - something we have faced since before birth for those of you who are unaware. Thursday was a huge day ... so incredibly draining ... I am still recovering ... lol ... don't worry about Hugh!He was in a lot of pain, the dressing covering the tubes was not to be changed, but every time he stood up blood and urine would run out of it. He was a mess. Even went into shock at one stage and collapsed on me! The tests on Friday went really well. We get results on 28th October. It would seem that although his bladder is 3x normal size for his age it is not applying pressure on the kidneys - which is a good thing. However it does not give us answers. He has incredible reflux and the kidneys are working too hard according to his blood work. I guess we will see what they come up with on the 28th. Hugh is fine ... going to come to school with me tomorrow. The tubes were thankfully taken out but they did not stitch him back up, so I don't want him to get knocked. It's me that is now a mess! ! I gave my all and now just collapsed in a heap! !

One day at a time this week.

Hugh has been incredible and I would do it all over again for him. He is a special child.

The weekend before this Denis was in car heaven with F1 and the great V8 Bathurst race .... all eyes for the telly .... except for my girl of course! LOL!

And its hard to believe that two weeks before that was the celebration of Den's 50th birthday. He had a great surprise and the highlight probably was the cake I especially had ordered for him - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

Katie was very concerned about Den being able to blow out all those candles given his age - ahem (polite clearing of the throat) however I saved us all and only placed one on the cake.

The latest scrapping news from me ... please click on all images for credits.
Oscraps news ... Nina has some fab new kits out ....

A definite scrap therapy page using Sue Cummings Designs:

Amanda Taylor has been in the Designer Spotlight this week and that is always a great journaling affair:

Now onto MScraps news:

Wonderful new kit from Joyce Paul Designs:

And I am still in love with all that Yoshiko creates:

Finally Ju is guesting over at Matrioshki and I just jumped on this kit of hers:

Finally my wonderful friend Val is in the Spotlight over at Digital Scrap Cafe ... please come and check out her blog to get this FREE template and play along.

Have a super week everyone!


MariaT said...

The testing sounds like it would be very draining for the whole family. I hope the results get you guys some answers and you can all relax a bit :)

Lenore said...

What a long and emotional week you've all had! Hugh is such a brave go through what he is would be taxing on the most stoic adult! I know you must be eager to get to the bottom of his health issues! Send you all many hugs and postive thoughts for a more healthy Hugh!

Sue said...

Hey Helen,

Wow what a week. No wonder you'd scrapped that it had been hard! I'm keeping my fingers, toes & everything else crossed that the test result on the 28th are what you need them to be.

I was thinking of you earlier today, DH & I are both motor sports fans (F1 and MotoGP) and this weekend the MotoGP was at Phillip Island ... that's where you were a couple of weeks ago wasn't it?

Hope your week is less stressful than last, and you get some time to relax. Until next Sunday, have a good 'un!


kym said...

Hugh is so tough and brave!! What a guy!! I hope that next week is better for you and your family. Take care and get some rest. Your layouts are gorgeous!!

katell said...

what a week :-O!!! I hope everything will be ok the 28 october!!! (or you'll have encouraging response about that!).
A lot of Lo's here ;-)) beautiful!!!

cmnb said...

I never really knew what the situation was and now to read it, I feel even more for you, Helen! I can't imagine how difficult this week has been for you or even this journey. You are an incredible mom and woman and someone to be admired for your strength and outlook! And Hugh...well, he's obviously taking after Mom! ;) So strong, brave, and patient! Trusting this will be an easier week for you both...and keeping you in prayer! {{{HUGS}}}

Lulutoo said...

Wow, Helen. I'm in the "didn't realize" group, I'm afraid. I noticed people would say they were praying for you and such, but didn't know the circumstances behind it and didn't want to pry. Stress like you described tends to make me feel achy all over afterwards like I've been run over. In fact, it made my eyes mist up and my knees go weak just reading about it! Hugh has been in my prayers nonstop since then. God has all the answers and a purpose for everything. It's so hard to see sometimes, though. You're a wonderful mom and like everyone says, so strong! Hang in there and remember you're not alone. Big hugs!

Amy said...

Love that family shot Helen!
Hope all goes well for Hugh and you get some answers!!

Jane said...

Gosh Helen. Reading about Hugh just makes me feel so bad for him...what a boy you have there!! I will keep him in my prayers and hope that all his problems can be fixed. I know you must keep it together for him but it is important to let it all out for good. big hugs! oh, and yes, I understand you are busy being a working mother and wife and that is the most important thing in life you don't have to worry about leaving me comments...I know you can use your time more wisely!!! LOL!! really though I completely understand!

Val said...


I thought I posted a coment ...
OMG, my green pea is having hallucination now... piouuufff This will not help.

Anyway, you know I am here sending ((hugs)) for you, for you all few times a day.

love you
((HUGS)) once more

LDArtist said...

Hi Helen,

Just checking in. Hoping things have gotten better and that Hugh has improved! Sending prayers and well wishes your way!

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