Saturday, December 26, 2009

Do you hear that?

The sounds of silence thanks to Nintendo DS.

Thank you Santa & Merry Christmas!

Even after my camera in their face they assume the same position as if I were never there LOL!

~ it is also me playing with the video on my ipod nano ;) ahh ... the joys of technology ~


Annika said...

LOL...they look very in to their new toys! Lovely to hear your voices! Bella is totally bored not been able to go to kindergarten and play with other children or go outside (crappy weather)! Hope you had a fab christmas!

Kami said...

I adore video of your kids!!! Too cute!!

Amy said...

That was us last year! You gotta get the Wii. It's a whole lotta fun for th ewhole family. But it's not quiet!

katell said...

In my house ...the same :-)) They play with their DS all the day :-D

Leah. said...

Quiet and then you said hello~ LOL!
I would have slowly backed out of the room. Hee, hee.

My boy loves his DS too.

I would love the video feature on the Nano. Currently I've got no video camera :(

Jane said...

LOL!!!! I love it!!!

Loved Ever said...

i liked it
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