Sunday, November 22, 2009

The weekend that was .....

It has been a rather busy few days. Friday night came along and we shouted ourselves a dinner out at the Indian restaurant once more. Den bought along a bottle of red that had been a gift. Nice gift ... that with the 'butter chicken' had me in culinary heaven.

Saturday came around and I had four items on the agenda. Boot Camp was canceled - TG! Next stop was our local community Christmas celebration. I LOVE how they do this - it is sponsored by our local shops and they close off the streets to have free activities. Have a look at the kids faces .... what had them so enthralled?

A stage production - outdoors - of Madagascar! It was loads of fun!

Then as that drew to a close, who should Katie bump into whilst walking down the street? Look at the expression on her face!

We then were lucky to be at the short end of the queue for face painting! Rather fortunate as Katie had a fairy party that afternoon - now I would not have to do her makeup! She loves going to parties as I do her hair and make up and she gets to use "all Mum's stuff"!

While we girls face painted, Hugh and his best buddy Nathan were off at the free sand art!

After a short break at home we then headed down to our local park where they had a festival running. Den has been promising Katie an ice cream all week. With the weather being so hot the "Mr Whippy" van has been cruising along the streets after dinner and Katie had been promised.

After a trek home once more, it was time to prepare for the fairy party of our neighbour. Katie had been counting the sleeps and even when dressed was eagerly scratching at the door awaiting the time of departure!

Saturday night the change came through and the heavens opened up! Katie wanted to go out then and there but it was too late. So Den promised the next day (today/Sunday) he would take her out to play in the rain! LOL! Hugh and I watched from the dry indoors!

Now to this weeks scrapping news .... click on images for credits.
I seem to have been scrapping winter and snow all week! Very hard! I am all wintered out, longing for summer and my kids have never seen snow. Here is Natasha' contribution to the Shabby Pickle collab - about as close as Katie will come to snow for the next few years!

My good friends Annika and her sister Maria are in the Spotlight at Oscraps. I did a couple of lifts below. The one below uses the wonderfully talented Nini's free mask from her blog!

Nina has a couple of new kits out and some fabulous templates, makes scrapping such a breeze when you have the template for inspiration.

There is a new Oscraps collaboration kit out. For the month of November it is available at Daily Digi and will come to Oscraps in December.

Below is my page for the Oscraps "quote me" challenge for November.

Finally a couple of fun pages using designs by Sue Cummings.

Thanks for looking and have a great week everyone!


MariaT said...

That madagascar show would be so cool! Sounds like a busy and wonderful weekend you had :)

Yummers! said...

What a fantastic, interesting post!! Great photos to help tell the stories. My favorite is Katie waiting to go to her fairy party. I love the layout of the basket of wash... terrific!! Looks like it should be in a magazine!! Clever you!

I too love the movie 'No Reservations'!! And I also have the soundtrack... beautiful music!!

Hugs to all!!
Grammy J

Amy said...

Looks like a fun weekend, Helen!

Jacqueline said...

What fun following your weekend vicariously thru your storytelling, photos and layouts!
Love Katie in fairy outfit and then pink boots!
Thanks for sharing, Helen

Leah. said...

I love your photos. It makes me feel like I was there with you.... if only...

Ange said...

lol I love your last page ! Great work :)

Zizazzi said...

Oh your photo of this we are just so graet ... I'm sure we will see soon some LO with them !! (your little girl in the B&W picture is just so cute !!
and love your LO especially the last one .. I've got 3 ligth that in my leaing room :-)

gilmoregirl said...

I so need to copy that laundry page!

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