Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Friday evening Den and his workmakes went Go-kart riding - needless to say he had a blast! Boys toys just get bigger ;) Poor Hugh was turning green with envy just watching. Most shots were taken through a wire fence so I thought some where not bad given that.

He can't hide the delight on his face!

Getting Katie to comb her hair most days is really difficult! I walked in on this on the weekend which made me giggle!

Now for scrap news this week - please click on all pages for credits.
Excitingly I am in the Spotlight with my fellow Cheery-O, Chris this week! The clever concept of people having to combine pages to do a scraplift. Here is my page ;) I love it when I can dress my girl in Mystique's amazing elements - LOL - sometimes it's the only way to get clothes on her!! And then there is the whole brushing hair saga! Girls!

The page below is for the web inspiration challenge at Oscraps using the fantastic new "outside the lines" collab with Amanda and Ashalee.

Leiko has some fabulous new papers out "ReVolution" with bonus word art available at Oscraps.

Here is a page I have had on files for months! Finally got to posting it ;)

Isn't if funny sometimes when you start a page and try as you may you simply cannot add anything to it! Does not get much more minimalistic than this but once I blended it with Ange's paper I could do no more to it.

Have a super remainder of the week and weekend everyone.


MariaT said...

I would be turning green just watching too. Now you should take the kids go karting and make Den watch :)

And that photo of the Hugh trying to help Katie with her hair is so great!!

Kami said...

I cannot get over how many pics you have of Katie!! Every time I see a new layout from you I am in awe that she poses so beautifully for you so OFTEN!! You are so lucky!

Leah. said...

LOL!!! Love that photo of Katie getting her hair brushed. That thought has already crossed my mind. Boys are so easy that way!

Love the go-kart shots. He does look like he's having a great time. I love ALL the scrapbook pages but that last one? *sigh*

Ange said...

great pictures !! And I love your pages... but you already know that ! ;)

Amy said...

I don't think I coulda held my boys behind the fence on that one. Hugh shows much restraint!
Looks like fun!

BearFamily said...

Well I'm speechless about Katie don't want to get dressed and doing her hair?? I always thought that all girls like to do that?! Lol!! And well, boys always be boys, even when they are "older" hehe.

Yummers! said...

I'm back... reading other's blogs and posting on my blog! Come visit!!

I love your photos and layouts!! Wow how you've grown over the past years! Your work is beyond wonderful! Can't wait to catch up on all your posts!! I love Katie 'fighting the battle of the hair brush'!! Bless Hugh's sweet little heart! "and this too shall pass".

Tell Den that I am a big Lee Child fan... have read most of his!! I'm reading the new Dan Brown book... just so-so this far!

Love to you and your family!

Annika said...

Gorgeous pages!!! And that gocarting thing looks so much fun!!! Hope everything is alright with you...I am one tired princess...dont even have strenght to scrap or blog...zzzzzz *lol* Might be that we change back to wintertime again!

Heather Landry said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog Helen! I'm slowly getting better, and things are usually wild here. I'm used to the insanity. (Mostly!)

All of your layouts are fabulous as always, but I'm in LOVE with that pink one! I agree about the one on the bottom that no matter what you add... sometimes simplicity is the best!

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