Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Den!

Today is Den's birthday - won't tell you how old he is ..... oh okay! 49!!! Eeekkkk! We sort of promised ourselves that if the weather was kind we might head off to our favourite beach location down at Phillip Island.

The weather was kind. (Helen has a BIG smile on her face!)

Below is where we hung out all afternoon - eating, drinking, playing, reading, listening to Den's ipod.

Let's see, there was frisbee, football and general fooling around.

We went totally self sufficient today. The kettle was for a cuppa (peppermint tea which was very nice) but when the saucepan of water was taking too long to boil, Den smartly opted to boil the frankfurts/hot dogs in the kettle - up here for thinking ;)
So here is my little brood at the end of another great island day. Happy birthday babe, your little family loves you very much!


MariaT said...

Happy birthday to Den! Looks like the perfect way to spend it :)

Kami said...

Happy birthday to Den!! Looks like a great day was had by all!!

Nichole said...

wow! that first photo!!! it's idyllic! looks to me liek the perfect place to celebrate. Happy birthday Den!!! older is wiser... well in most cases, heehee
when you worte 'big smile on Helen's face, i laughed!!!
and is it my imagination or is Hugh getting seriously tall???
all in all, it looked like you guys had a wonderful time, and i'm hapy for you! plus a little envious of the short sleeves....!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

what a beautiful ones of your kids posing look good for xmas card in future anway happy bday to den...
sorry hasnt much gone online that much... to due activies!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Den! Looks like a great day! We're celebrating William's b'day today... inside where it's warm! He's 3 tomorrow.

Leah. said...

Does look like a great and relaxing day!!!

Happy Birthday Den!

BearFamily said...

Oh happy birthday Den!!!! And many healthy birthdays to come!! I'm so jealous at your beautiful weather, autumn has start here with wind and rainy days. I'm already longing for spring, but autumn just start and we have a long winter ahead. Send me some sun!!! Wonderful photo's, fun idea about the hotdogs, lol.

Nancy said...

happy birthday den! what a great way to spend the day!

Val said...

love this beach!
Happy birthday Den!
You are really a lucky guy, the 2 most beautiful childs, and the most perfect wife!


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