Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not to be missed!!

I have mentioned before that getting a place on Natasha's CT this year has opened up new doors for me! I would never have classed myself as a "fantasy" scrapper! But as always, it's SO good to try new things. This week Natasha is in the "Designer Spotlight" as Oscraps. I highly recommend that all you scrappers out there take this opportunity to try something new. It really is loads of fun. Here are a couple of pages I made with Natasha's goodies and there is of course a fabulous freebie to play with.

Click HERE to go and check out Natasha's Spotlight at Oscraps.

The wonderfully talented (and such a sweetie) Nina has a whole load of new goodies waiting for me to play with. Her papers Blanchatre are so useful! She has now come out with a second edition and I could not be happier! They are simply the best when looking for b/g paper.
Better yet my fabulously talented friend Nini has made some incredible frames! And they are for FREE on her blog. Great work Nini and thank you for sharing your talent!

Here is a page with Nina's Blanchatre and Nini's frame! Click on the page for credits.

I saw Katie blowing bubbles out the front on the weekend, so I quickly grabbed my camera and bolted downstairs to have a play and grab some fun shots!

Don't you just love her outfit! Bwahahaha! Still insisting on parading around in summer frocks! I insist on leg-ins and a jacket for outside. It is such a battle to get clothes on this girl!

Some of you have heard me mention Katie's gift for Den this Father's Day weekend just gone. She did a fabulous painting at kinder - a portrait of ME! Bwahahaha! So due to great demand ;) here it is. Are you not all so jealous of Den! The resemblance is uncanny!

Here is my Father's Day photo - Den in his new James Bond t-shirt! (a purchase at Hugh's insistence!) I love my little family!


MariaT said...

I do love your new fantasy pages. I just might dabble into that genre myself. And that painting of you...perfection :)

Annika said...

Gorgeous do fantasy very well!! And thanks for showing us the painting of have the sweetest girl, she did a perfect painting of you!! Love it!!!

Nini said...

Great pages Helen! You do wonderful fantasy layouts!!
Natasha is lucky to have you on her team!!
Love Katie's drawing of you.... so sweet! I have some that my son did in kindergarten of myself and my dh and I cherish them so much!!
Thanks for mentioning my frames and my blog!

Leah. said...

I love the fantasy pages myself. I wish I could do them!

Great photos! I love Katies little outfit :)

Val said...

LOVE it ALL your LO, your DD dressing fashion, your sweet family... and god! your look and style! ( no wonder where katie got her fashion style) wouahahaha


Kami said...

Helen you are so good at the fantasy pages!!! I am really loving your layouts as always, so very inspiring!!

Nancy said...

katie always has the best outfits! i should be so bold! the fantasy layouts are amazing, i wouldn't even know how to attempt something like that. hope den had a great father's day.

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