Saturday, August 29, 2009

When it rains it pours!!

It's been quite a week. From our sunny day at the beach last Sunday, the weather and our health quickly went downhill. Hugh was very sick last weekend with gastro. At the beginning of the week Katie and I came down with it. Monday was spent in bed for me, with my little girl playing quietly beside me. All week we have had storm weather with gale force winds. Today it has not stopped raining - it would seem spring is here. But we can't complain about the rain as we need it so badly but the wind is really bad. Then on Wednesday when I thought we were getting better, Hugh was very sick again! Two words - OVER IT!

Through it all we have done loads of reading. We found a really cool site - Storylands . We borrow the books from the library where there is a code in the back. Once at the site and code in, the story is read, there are basic comprehension questions and then fun games to be played. Katie is delighting in it and it helped her to read her first book ever this week. It's just wonderful! Even Hugh is playing along.

Last weekend we were down to Mornington to have Yum Cha with Den's family to remember the second anniversary of Poppy passing. We took the opportunity to have a walk along the beach as always. I love this first photo as it clearly illustrates how Katie is constantly following her big brother around.

This is my new fave photo of my two. Angelic aren't they! *snort*. The scrap pages that follow tell the real story!

Remember to click on the image for credits!

This scrap page below shows the real story. This is why Katie is called "The Chonk" - strangling her brother, laughing all the while then doing a victory dance after he stomps off.

I sometimes go to Lien's blog, it's very inspring and this page below was made with freebies from her blog.

Nina has a fabulous range of quick pages. I find them very versatile as you can "play" with them so much as there is plenty of room to add any other goodies you might like.

Best of all one of the QPs is for FREE! Click on the image below to go and collect yours.

Well that is it for another week. There are some exciting new releases coming out this week. So stay tuned for some stunning new goodies from Natasha and Shen. Best wishes everyone :)


MariaT said...

Your poor family :( At least you discovered some cool books. And as always, love the layouts and photos.

Annika said...

Oh nooo...poor poor you! Hope you all feel just fine now and that the weather calms down! Your pages are beautiful as always, and that one when she strangles her brother makes me laugh every time I see it!! Now I understand the nickname! LOL!

Didnt you love that delicious isnt he?? ;) Yummy!

Leah. said...

Well I'm glad you are all feeling better now. Nothing like the whole family being sick!!

But look at all the gorgeous scrap pages you got done. If I had gastro, I would be crying in my bed, wondering why I had the worst luck in the world!

Leah. said...

Signed up for Storylands. It looks amazing. Thank you!

margote05 said...

Oh, it is no luck that everybody is sick!!! I hope that now everybody goes better;-) and as well as the weather report is more favorable!!!!
Once again, your pages are fantastic! Difficult to choose one because I love them all! And your photos are magnificent!!!! My daughter was also like that with her brother before! Now, they are big thus she does not follow him any more everywhere!!!!
I also like very much the photo of your page with the freebies of Lien! Haughtiness!!! Once again, it is only of the pleasure that to come here! Big kisses

BearFamily said...

So sorry the weather is not to good, and you all have been sick! I love that photo of Hugh and Katie, I can imagine it's your new favorite ! The beach photo is wonderful too! Great that you had time to read so much, I'm still struggling with my book, it seems it's never ending....

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