Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's official!!!

It's official .... Katie and I are addicted to watching music video's on youtube.


I LOVE musical theatre and movies. I grew up sitting on the couch with my Mum watching Bill Collins "Golden Years of Hollywood". I know almost every word for every Rogers and Hammerstein movies.

Sad? Maybe - but it's me.

I was so excited to take Katie to see Wicked. And I am psyched to say, it looks like she takes after me. Strange huh! When Den gave me the soundtrack this week, it was barely on two minutes when a little voice says, "oohhh, Wicked, I loved Wicked".

We have not stopped listening to it since. She is Glinda, I am Elphaba.


Since then we have watched many videos on youtube ranging from Wicked (if you have not watched the "Defying Gravity" clip you are missing out); Mamma Mia - Katie is in love with the boy from that movie (hehehe); even Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor *sigh* I am in love with him) and ended with Phantom of the Opera - a movie she is looking forward to watch this coming weekend.

To admit I have a feeling of dejavu as a little girl crawls into my lap and we get sucked in to watching music clip after music clip ... well history has a funny way of repeating itself. Must be in our genes.

When Den is not around we play it really loud. And as I have visions of dancing up a storm in front of my mirror as a child, I could not help but giggle as I captured Katie belting out the high notes in the finale from Wicked this past weekend.

That's MY girl.

What else have we been up to this week. The kids thought it would be funny for Katie to try on Hugh's school uniform - *sigh* - she looks so grown up, even if it is two sizes too big for her. How upset am I gonna be to see her marching off next February through that school gate. She is excited and can't wait. I tell her the ever faithful "Wattle" (teddy bear who still goes to creche) is not allowed to go to school. She is accepting of that saying, "he can stay at home with you Mamma, then you wont be lonely".

I am still knitting up a storm. I have my little "glue shadow" copying everything I do of course. So I in fact spend more time picking up her dropped stitches than working on my own knitting. Still, all things considered, she is doing a remarkable job.

Here are a pair of "army" fingerless mittens I knitted for Hugh.

Finally my Den is on holidays this week - woohoo! Each day he has ridden to and from school with Hugh - who is absolutely thrilled with the attention. When Sue Cummings proposed a challenge about what are you doing today, I jumped at the chance to do this page on Den. If you are interested in grabbing the free word art or participating in this challenge go to Sue's blog here.

Credits: all available at Oscraps** Designs by Sue Cummings today word art & paint splats- Sue blog freebie colour block - 52 Inspiration week 13 artistry side tab word art - FREE June '09 Sue forum freebie** Nina Scraps Designs b/g paper - Whities Vol II


Jodie Redman said...

Sounds fun! We love musicals here too! Will have to see what I can find on YouTube. I have the Mamma Mia soundtrack and Ella & I love singing along to that! Enjoy the rest of your week with Denis!

Leah. said...

Okay, LOVE those army mitts. My kids would love those, because they have no fingers!!! LOL! Fabulous chicky and so is your little sidekick, dancing queen!

Have a fabulous holiday Den!

MariaT said...

That's so fun that she is into all that like you! You're lucky to have Den home for a holiday. I'm sure you'll have some great times!

Kami said...

WOW!! You all are always so busy and I really enjoy the pics that you share. I can't believe that Katie is knitting!!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

like these picture you taken... the ones of katie acting wicked.. look like RICCO on the dinseychannel show he always do act like that. i think its reallly cute ones... hugh's mitten i like it very much i wish i could have one for me and mj hehe.. really i like this one...


Nancy said...

girl, your knitting! i didn't know that (of course i've been absent for a while) love those gloves!

Nichole said...

heehee, Bella is in love with the GIRL from mama mia. hahaha

BearFamily said...

Love that photo of Katie singing/dancing. Have to search youtube for those clips. You have been busy again :-) You are lucky Katie don't have to go earlier to school then next february, Keanu have to go next years August, that's only one year from now!!!! And then he's only four years! Lucky you're not living in Holland for that :-)

Soco said...

Wow Helen! Your page is wonderful!!! :)
I love your photos and it is so touching to see your princess knitting, just like Mom! She's beautiful!!!
P.S. Thank you for your visit to my blog! :)

Darkangel said...

Helen on my blog is an award for you

Val said...

love to read about it!
great time for both of you!
wonderfull LO too

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