Thursday, July 02, 2009

An award, a new kit and a break

We have had a busy first week of holidays. Let's see ... saw a fabulous magician for $1 at the library, kids are playing HEAPS of good ol' fashioned card games - Old Maid for one. When my folks came down to visit (the highlight of the whole holidays according to my sweet boy!) we were all in stitches playing this. We have been to the library again to do origami and magic wands! I "had" to borrow an origami book and today we attempted some more animals. Tomorrow we are off to crafts at the shopping centre and visit a reptile exhibition. Next week is shaping up as we are taking Chonk to Disney Princess's on Ice! So with all that being said, I have decided to take a bit of a cyber break this next week. Wont be online much to blog or do my gallery and blog runs. Time for a bit of a rest.

I will still be doing my photo challenges, our little forum is going along great. Be sure to come and visit and drop me a line if you would like to join our weekly challenges. Really helps motivate you to get your camera out! CLICK HERE to come visit.

Now my sweet friend Vale has given my this award - thank you! I am so happy to share so much of my scrapping journey with you.
Here are the rules for this award: 1. Put the award on your blog. 2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award. 3. Nominate 7 or more blogs 4. Leave a message letting them know they have an award on your blog. to leave some messages!

But before I go I shall not leave without showing you this awesome new kit of Nina's! Sensational. I had way too much fun with this one! And of course available at Oscraps as always.

Credits: kit -; template - Unique the Simple Line no.12

Credits: kit -; mask - clip.your.pic; paper - Stella kit


Darkangel said...

wow again such beautiful layout with this great angels kit
PS: sent you a pm at oscraps, coz of the photochallenge, like to join this fun

hugs Cornelia

PPS: will miss your layouts and your blog entries next week

Leah. said...

Thank you for the award chicky!!!
I hope you have an amazing week off!!

Will miss you :(

Annika said...

Oh..sorry, didnt know I got another award...YAY, thanks sweetie!! Hope you will have a wonderful scrap/blogfree week, sometimes you just need those breaks, but I sure will miss you!

Gorgeous pages as always!!

Kami said...

Thank you for the award. Enjoy your break, I am on break now too until mid next week!! Hugs!!

Val said...

take care, and enjoy...
It is good, to get out of the webworld...
Thanks for the award!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

this awesome i like this.

Valé said...

Great layouts Helen !!!! And thanks for the sweet words about me !!!!

Jodie Redman said...

Thanks for the award Helen - haven't had time to blog it yet! Hope you are having a wonderful week with the kids! Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday night!

Lia Lotito said...

Helen, I love to hear about the photo challenges and I already register myself !!! I need to improve my photo skills and I believe some photo challenges would be great !!!

Nichole said...

that swing page of katey..... one word.... INSPIRED!!!!!!!

have a great week!!!!! don't you just love being busy!!! and lol to old maid! I think the night the kids enjoy here most during the week, is family game night! its a hoot!

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