Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday movie review

Another weekend over, another nightly movie fest! We all love movies in this house - so this weekend we watched:

Friday night was family movie night. I was not that excited to watch this but was pleasantly surprised and needles to say the children loved it.

*** 3.5 stars

Saturday night while Den fought in his online "war", Hugh REVeled in the drag race and Katie and I boogied and sang our hearts out. A classic.

**** 4 stars

Sunday night is a movie night just for me and Den. We love these war movies and it was very good - even if you knew the ending and they were gonna fail.

*** 3 stars

Now one more item I have come across that I would like to share. A recommended reading email from my library once again. This one looked intriguing and I was not disappointed. Although a bit above the kids comprehension, a super story. Here is a review:

" ..... Everyone will fall in love with The North Star, as I have. It is an inspired fable about our journey through life...and the pleasures to conform that are exerted on dreams when they run counter to the expectations to society. It is a book for those who know, or will eventually realize that what they are doing is not what, in their heart of hearts, they want to do. It is for parents and other educators who seek to develop the unique potential they see in every child. And, with its utterly magical illustrations, it will enthrall the children too. If only every individual could find and follow his or her own star and be encouraged to do so. How different the world would be. The North Star moves us in that direction ......" -- Dr. Jane Goodall, Scientific Director The Jane Goodall Institute .

It even has its own website found HERE


Annika said...

Sounds like you all had a great weekend!! LOOOOVE Grease, wish I was there with you singing my heart out! Think I know every line in that movie :)

Leah. said...

I love movie nights! We watched Valkyri last weekend. It was okay I guess wasn't it. I think knowing the ending ruined it. We watched Mall Cop tonight. Joshua giggled his little butt off. Now I'm going to settle in to watch Seven Pounds.
Glad you and Katie enjoyed Grease, it is kind of cute even though I despise musicals. LOL

Jodie Redman said...

You can't go past Grease!! Ella hasn't seen it yet maybe I should show her! I am sure she'd love the songs!! We watched Seven Pounds Saturday night - it was ok a bit hard to follow at the start. Thanks for the link to The North Star - have put in my faves so many interesting things to read about!

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