Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Friday!!

It's been a bit of a long week. Poor Hugh is sick again - I think it's going to be a long winter! I sent him to school on Tuesday a little bit sick and he came home A LOT sick. Been home ever since. I thought he was getting better yesterday but by dinner time he was in agony with an ear ache and Katie was burning up .... sigh!

So my Friday:

Doctors: check! Hugh has an ear infection, Katie has tonsilitis
Chemist: check! $66 worth of medication - sheesh!
Library: check! we all stocked up on reading material
Supermarket: check! yet to do weekly grocery shopping but got some watermelon as per my patients request
Video library: check! Doctor recommends Hugh stay home until Tuesday (gosh two week mid year break can not come soon enough next Friday!) thus I have ALL SIX Star War movies!
Mum's stamina: check! Going strong TG, let's hope I can stick it out germ free.

Wishful thinking!

Here are a few pages that made me happy. The second page is for another super Catscrap challenge - loads of fun to do. Be sure to check it out.

Have a super weekend everyone!

Credits: ** all Nina Scraps Designs (Oscraps)word art - simple line no6paper, butterflies, word art - springy.days

Credits:**Creashens (Catscrap)kit - Candid** Leiko Beck Designs (Oscraps)frame and pin - Bent out of shape frames vol1stitch - Doodle-Me-This all naturaldoodles - Doodle-Me-This rub ons(some items have been recoloured)


Jodie Redman said...

Oh Helen that is not good news. I hope they are both feeling better really soon. Keeping everything crossed you get through it germ free!! Sounds like a major Star Wars marathon happening in the Hancock household this weekend!! Love the LOs - love Katie and her socks! You take the best photos of her feet LOL!! Have a relaxing weekend :-)

margote05 said...

Good courage Helen!!!! I hope that all the patients will be fast cured and that you will stand firm too!!!
Magnificent pages!!!

Leah. said...

You sound positive at least. The break sounds nice for everyone. Hope that comes quickly for you.

Love the pages too :)

MariaT said...

you sound like you are handling it like a super mom!

Kami said...

Oh you all have been on my mind today, sending you healthy vibes so you can all get better real soon!! Stay strong, Mum you are doing a great job with your patients!!!

Amy said...

Oh no! The 6 Star Wars movie marathon sickness! I'd be up to my elbows in disinfectant.

Val said...

hey sweety,
please take care of yourself too,ok?
sending love to your little oneS.

Maria said...

Oh dear Helen! I hope you are still going strong and not got any nasty bug your self! Poor little ones! Hope they feel better soon!!!
GORGEOUS pages as always!!!!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

Oh No.. that bad news.. but get well kids soon... and have faith with lord.


Jane said...

Man, those LO's are gorgeous!!! I am so sorry that you have sick kids...there isn't anything worse!! Hope they are better soon! and I am wondering about that book you are it good..sounds good!

Nancy said...

oh no, i hope the kids are feeling better by now!

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