Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bits and pieces to share

Our photo challenge this week was the "Aleida Challenge" that being - mothers/parents should get in front of the camera at least once a month (check out the link in my sidebar if you would like to join us - we have formed a flickr gallery now as well). I am really grateful to Leah for the challenge this week - without it I would not have assembled everyone in front of the lens this weekend. So ... here we are now!

I came across a review of this book some time ago. Finally my library has it and I have it in my hot little hand (as my mother used to say). I have always loved Hugh's "decide your own destiny books" and now I have one of my own to read and it is my favourite book of all time! As one review wrote: "You decide who to marry and when. And if you have always preferred Mr Knightley's sophistication or have a sneaking admiration for the odious Mr Elliot then you can marry them instead. However, make choices with caution: "Being Elizabeth Bennet" is packed with characters and plot twists to thwart your happy union with Pemberly's most eligible bachelor. You must complete five stages - and successfully negotiate your way through Austen's five other novels - before can choose to accept Mr Darcy. But if the outcome does not suit, simply return to page 1 and create a new Jane Austen adventure. "

I have just finished Book Nine in the "No.1. Ladies Detective Agency". I LOVE these books - light and entertaining with a glorious window into life in Africa and simple philosophies of life. They make me smile. I see the first book is now a movie but I can't track it down. And looks as if BBC has also made it into a series - fingers and toes crossed it makes its way out here!

Speaking of movies - we are having quite a movie fest in the Hancock house of late. We love movies and still have our weekly "family movie night". I have picked up some good ones from our book library (free) and vouchers from the video library for $2.95 movies is also a contributing factor. We watched Gallipoli last night - I know that film line for line and was seriously in love with Mark Lee when a teenager. I thought it good for Hugh to see a little of what war is really like given his continued "army" phase. We also secured Revolutionary Road and Seven Pounds which Den and I are looking forward to seeing. The children and I sat through "My Fair Lady" the other night - they loved it! Especially the scene at the races...."move your bloomin' ass". A big find has been "Pirate Islands" - not enough to capture Den's attention as he wanders off and I find it pretty weak. However, I sit here this Saturday night typing this with both children beside me mesmerised by movie two. Last Saturday night the unfinished ending of movie one both surprised and annoyed me and I had to quickly track down movie number two this past week. It is a spin-off from the Australian adventure television series. The main characters are zapped into a computer game and must battle hostile pirates and unwelcoming castaway children. This has plenty of fights, ghosts, treasure hunts and gadgets and my kids love it.


MariaT said...

that is such a lovely family photo :)

Leah. said...

So how did you feel about Revolutionary Road. I'm really wanting to see Seven Pounds too!!

Still loving the family photo.

Maria said...

You have such a gorgeous family! Love your post! There is a little update on my blog now, thanks for caring!!!! And thank you for your kind comments on my "album" had to "re"post the last page since I posted it in my very tired state last night and got the wrong version, duh! Your comment is gone but thank you so much for your "love"! xoxo

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