Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Hugh!

Here he is .... the beautiful baby boy I bought home eight years ago.

He looked so tiny in that car seat on the drive home.

And here he is eight years later. His class all formed a circle around him and sang happy birthday ("how embarrassing Mum").
You are a great kid Hugh and we are very proud of you.

And now for a scrap page to mark the occasion. I loved this photo of Hugh, just never knew how to scrap it .... 'til now :)
Credits: kit: Helen's Dream - Design by Sabdesbois (


Jodie Redman said...

Happy Birthday Hugh! Hope he's had a great day! Wow he is so tiny in that photo - Helen, you haven't changed a bit! It is scary how quick our babies grow up! Hope you have a lovely birthday dinner.

Nancy said...

happy birthday hugh! i loved that you put in the baby pics, he was sooo tiny! great scrap too!

Val said...

Yeah! here you go "little" "big" boy!
happy birthday!
Enjoy your day, and may the year coming full of great news only!
send you love hugh
( ok, to your mum too lol)

MariaT said...

no no no, they stay little forever right? my little guy isn't going to get that big too is he? well happy birthday to the little man!

Lenore Ryan said...

Love the pictures of Hugh as a newborn!! Those eight years go so fast and from what I hear, the next eight go even faster!! You've got a great kid there and much to be proud of! Happy birthday, Hugh!!

Kami said...

Happy birthday, Hugh!! What an adorable baby and handsome young man he has become!!! Hope he enjoyed his special day.

BearFamily said...

Happy Happy Birthday Hugh!!! Love the baby photo's, great to see how he looked like then (and you), he really looks tiny, how "big" was he then? Did you have a fun day today? Hope to see some birthday party photo's soon :-)
Love that page you did about him.
No much news from me, I'm at home, sick again, Keanu last week and passed it on to me, just now when the temperature is between 18 and 20 C !!!!! I spend the whole day in my bed!!

Mellykat said...

Jeepers. Could I just come to your blog once and not leave crying? lol

Super sweet, Helen! Happy Birthday Hugh!

Melly :)

evanwick said...

Oh goodness...this one stopped me in my tracks. How sweet!! Thank you for sharing the baby the one of the two of you together.

Happy Birthday Hugh!!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

wow same as my son's bday image that? LOL :-P well gotta says happy bday HUGH!!!

Jorinde said...

Happy Birthday Hugh!!!! Sounds like he had a great time. I also love those cute baby picture of the birthday boy. Time really goes so fast! Also those picture of you two in the bathroom are precious!
Have fun at the party this weekend!

Leah. said...

Awww, these photos are so great. He was and is amazing and cute!

Happy Birthday Hugh!

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