Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We have a boarder

Looks like April has been sending out invitations unbeknown to us - NOT! (April is Hugh's pet mouse for those of you unsure). We also have a pet cat - Samurai but more often called The Monster for obvious reason - which just complicates matters. Well, the Monster loves his Dad (Den) and lately has insisted on bringing home gifts - mice! Now one would think we would be used to the cute little furry creatures ... hmmm ... jury is still out on that one.

Three nights ago Monster comes in and deposits a mouse (still alive) at Den's feet. Somehow (still marveling over this one) we managed to get the frozen from fear little mouse running again and encouraged it back out the door.

Two nights ago whilst chatting to Val on skype, I could hear the Monster crying to come it. But it is that certain meow he makes when he can't talk properly as HIS MOUTH IS CURRENTLY OCCUPIED! I refused to let him in and Den had trouble getting the Monster to drop this one. But we succeeded and another happy customer whizzed back out into the dark night.

Last night I was upstairs in bed and I can hear the Monster at the door - and making that familiar choked meow. Den ... not thinking ... LET HIM IN!

Need I continue?

What then followed was a comedy in errors (as Hugh got up to join the chase) but I stayed snug in bed pretending to be listening to a tale on the radio ... they had it ... now they lost it ... they chastised the Monster and banished him to the garage ... they cornered the mouse ... they lost the mouse.

So I return to my blog title .... we have a border.

Any bets on the end of this story and let me clarify right now, my two nature loving boys would rather set a trap for themselves than any living being. I just will have to work hard on getting them not to feed the little bugger. We have one caged mouse trying to get out and probably hiding somewhere, one free mouse trying to get in.

And Katie' s thoughts: "no brown mouse in the house" - Dr Seuss could not write better.


Nancy said...

omg helen! are you walking around on the furniture? hahaha! i would be. i hope he doesn't find his way to alice, (i mean april) and have babies!!! what a story, what a cat, sounds like monster has been busy. my mom's cat used to bring her live gifts too, once we had a bird flying around the house. great story, but i hope you find him soon and get him outside, i would be a nervous wreck. love that picture!

JOPKE said...

oh my gosh Helen, I am laughing so hard!

MariaT said...

that sounds like a riot!

Lenore Ryan said...

I'm laughing so hard! A mouse in the house!! It sounds like it could be boys vs. girls too! Last month, I opened a desk drawer at work and there was a mouse (living!) staring up at me!! Yes, I've got them both at work and at home....I do feel your pain! Good luck with your continued search for the little guy!!

Karin said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is HYSTERICAL!!!!!! I agree with Katie..LOL!!!!! Maybe the mice are ABBA fans, and have finally found the only ABBA fan existing in the world. Can't blame them for wanting to co-exist with you!!!! Heck, they, too, have probably been shunned by the rest of the world.......

Val said...

so, SHE is still in there?

Ok, I will come for a coffee later then ;-)
That is why, I got a skype answer from the monster ( this morning... your night) .... maybe he got the mouse of you laptop ... this time...


Leah. said...

Oh my god!!!
I would lose my mind. We had a mouse once and I was a wreck. Dreaming about mice for crying out loud.
I hope you catch him!!!!

That bottom photo cracks me up!

Amy said...

You'll be a mouse Grandmother before you know it!
Very funny story!

Jodie Redman said...

Eeeek!! I don't like mice at all I would be so freaked out right now!! Have a great long weekend.

Kami said...

Eeeeek!!! OMG!! I wouldn't be able to sleep with a mouse in the house! LOL!! I am sure my day will come when that happens here as well. Good luck catching the little guy!! hehehe

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