Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you Rania!!

Rania came to visit on the weekend...always a treat. She bought her new baby Nikon (LOL) and we had great fun and once again I learnt heaps. Although Ran was after a "girly" photo for the challenge this week, I think I came out the winner on the day. Look at what she captured!! If you would like to see more of Rania's amazing photography (and a certain Princess!!) click here.


Christine said...

Ah, that's shot is priceless!

Jodie Redman said...

These are gorgeous Helen!

MariaT said...

that's adorable!

Lenore Ryan said...

Amazing photography!! WOW! Great of both of you!! We'll be seeing it scrapped, right??

Leah. said...

Oh Helen!!! This is such a beautiful photo of you and Katie.

GET IT FRAMED!!!!!! I'm stealing it also. hee, hee

Val said...

Rania your are amzing!!!!
What a great great shot!
just perfect!

They looks like being sisters, right?


Kami said...

I adore this photo!!! WOW!!! Rania takes great pics!!

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