Sunday, January 04, 2009

And so our holiday week with Den comes to an end

It's been so wonderful having Den home since the 23rd December. The weather has not been that kind but we just like hanging out togther even if we are at home. I go back to working on Mondays and Hugh will have to come to the office with me, whilst Katie resumes at "teddy creche" for the year. The rest of the week I will plan some activities for the kids, but its just not the same without Den as well. Hugh does not go back to school until 2nd February.
One day last week Daddy and Katie went out to do a spot of gardening. Could not resist this shot. Why she had the Santa hat on who knows! And looks like there was a stone in that boot. Shake it!

Another day we took the kids to the local indoor pool. This is a wave pool and also has water spouts and fountains that rotate. Loads of fun.

A couple of days we hosted a LAN party for Call of Duty. One of the founders of the clan Den is in was over from Perth (a city on the otherside of the country) and it was good for them to finally meet face to face. Hughie was in heaven especially when presented with a clan cap! He can't join until 14 years of age, but joins in whenever short and everyone knows him by his code name "Ratchet" (aka Transformers!)

We took a trip down to a Melbourne bayside suburb but the whole day turned into a disappointing fiasco. The funniest thing was probably watching Katie trying to walk along the pier. Oh the stress of it as one photo shows. She has a great fear of falling through the cracks! These photos pretty much tell the story. The boys took off and I was trying to take photos but the whining and taking it one board at a time was taking forever! I had to call in reinforcements and Daddy once again came to the rescue.
The strangest thing that happened was when we sat down for lunch. Everyone was hungry but could find nothing suitable for me (coeliac) so finally I just told them to get something and we went and sat in the park. Two dogs came bounding up and knocked over Katie and then ate the food that we had placed in the middle of us!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled at the dog and the owner as I waved it away from Katie, but the woman just turned and casually said " well it is a leash free park"!!!!!!!!!! So what!!!!!!! Does that give the dogs the right to knock kids over and eat peoples food. MAN! I was so angry. We packed up and came home.


Jodie Redman said...

I know how Katie feels about the cracks in a pier - I hate them too lol! I can't believe someone would let their dogs distroy someone elses lunch and not care!!! Unbelievable!! I would have been so angry too. Sounds like you've had a great week together though - hope you have a good day back at work tomorrow.

Val said...

god! I can't believe this!
well It makes me smile, ok... it is not funny.
But It seems so impossible!!!
I would have just .... dunno... but it is not really a food matter... could she thinks that it is a free park and then dog are "ok" with doing whatever they want!!!!

I think I would have run away as well!

can't believe it, god!!!

Great shot to tell the day story ... You are a great photograph my friend

Lenore Ryan said...

Poor Katie! I'm that way with stairs that you can see thru!! LOL And I HATE ill-mannered animals and people!! GRRRR! You did much better that I would have, if you were able to hold your tongue in that situation!!

Kami said...

OMG about that dog!! Some people are so totally clueless in this world. I would have been angry too!! And poor Katie being terrified by the boardwalk, oh those pics really show her fear!!

Leah. said...


I would have KILLED that woman!!!! I would have seriously had to refrain from smacking her. THe nerve. She couldn't even apologize for ruining your dinner.
ACK! I'm so mad and I wasn't even there!

Look on the positive side. You will have all that quiet time with Den back to work, to scrap.

I'm dreading the back to school thing too. You finally get accustomed to a routine and then it's back at it again.

Great photos!

evanwick said...

OMG what a least you tried...I can't believe the dogs ate your lunch! And the owner didn't make it right. Poor you!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

good pictures taken.. and damn dogs.. hope she okay by now..
like i did angry over a women and pitbull dog killed my cat faith hope. same feeling...

Nancy said...

omg, poor katie, first fire ants now dogs and cracks! that's terrible. i would be mortified if my dog did something like that. of course she's only 6 inches tall, so it would be kind of hard, but still, that's awful.

what's LAN? vinny has been playing call of duty on x-box live every single day since christmas. it's his favorite thing to do right now. it's so funny to hear him talking through the mic to other kids around the world.

great shots sounds like you had a great vacation!

Karin said...

Gosh, it's a good thing MY dog wasn't at the would have REALLY been ticked at me!!! But, then again, he would have been on a leash with kiddos around..regardless of the loose rules!!!! What an idiot of a woman!!!! Poor Katie!!! What a horrible day for her!!!! Great pictures, though!!!!

Wendy said...

So glad you had some quality family time together and were able to go on some adventures...some good and some not so good!! Poor Katie if it isn't seaweed it's the cracks on the board walk/pier, ekk...Thank goodness for Prince charming coming to the rescue...The wave pool looks like it was soo much to gardening lets not go there, lol...That lady with the dogs was very rude and what makes it bad is she ruins it for the rest of us who have well behaved dogs who are on a leash when ever they are out in public!! Leash free area or not!! You should write the chamber of commerce for that town and tell them about the lady with the was uncalled for...Hope you had a decent day Monday at work...School went well for Michael other than him being extremely tired this afternoon...Early to bed tonight!!

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