Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I love technology

This morning Katie and I were jumping around the house (before 8am might I add!) to this song on the radio - "All I want for Christmas is YOU" (the YOU has to be yelled really loud!) Emailed Den to see if he could download it. He sent it over, I burned it to CD and not even two hours later we have it. All without having lifted my butt off the couch.

Got to love technology sometimes.


Jodie Redman said...

I love technology too!! I also love that song!

Leah. said...

LOL!!!! Funny!
Technology does rock!

Nancy said...

do you know that i can sit on my couch e-mail my grocery store, they will do my shopping for me and all i have to do is pick it up!

evanwick said...

Love that song! I crank it up loud to get in the spirit!!

Kami said...

Oh I have that CD too!! I can just see you two girls dancing to this!! hehehe

Wendy said...

You are spoilt ROTTEN!!
Michael and I have been dancing to Christmas music too!! I love this time of year...Michael's eyes are so lit up and he is actually glowing...He is really getting into the Christmas spirit...I have the tree spot cleaned and we shall attempt to put it up tonight, YEA!!

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