Saturday, November 15, 2008

What makes you smile?

My awesome friend Leah, who's blog definitely makes me smile, has issued this challenge and I accept! This all comes from "Friday Love Letters" - so be sure to check out Leah's blog to find out more. So here I go .....

What makes me smile?

sunny days, warm breeze, daylight savings
my little family
watching my daughter
taking photos
hugging my son
great reads, in fact, even smelling the pages of a book
scrapping (of course!)
the 1st December
my blog
my friends blogs
great music (especially at Leah's and Laura's blogs - I use them as a radio)
old movies
memories of childhood
fresh sheets on the bed
getting into bed each night

So .... what makes you smile?


Val said...

I love your smile origine helen, They are to "you" ... SO OFTEN mine as well!

Kami said...

I love your answers, Helen! I have to agree with most of your answers too, the same goes for me!!

Leah. said...

You so rock!!! I love your list and you make me smile daily chicky!!!

Wendy said...

You my friend make me smile...Beautiful blog!!

Jodie Redman said...

What a lovely idea! I too agree with nearly all of your answers!

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