Friday, November 21, 2008

one busy Saturday coming up

Okay we are pumped and ready for the next 24 hours...well I am trying anyway. We have just waved off Ella, Katie's little friend, after a mornings play. Katie and I are sitting down to a girl's afternoon of watching a movie, "The Wizard of Oz". I have to then pick up a car load of children from school and finally tonight will see us at our favourite Dragon Drum restaurant for dinner with Amanda and Daryl. We awake to what is supposed to be storm weather (eeekkk) with Hughie having been selected to help represent his school in the local Christmas parade. We so love our local area and below is the brochure! Finally by lunch time tomorrow we then have not one but two fairy parties! Hugh then looked at me as I delivered our itinerary over breakfast this morning and asked, "and Sunday Mum?"


Finally a big "hooha" (I think that's how it goes) to my Den or should I say code name "The Menace". He is really working his way up in his "clan" for Call of Duty. His clan 13SN had a big battle last night (online and figuratively speaking of course). He was was voted best and fairest and suggested as the next James Bond 007 should anything ever happen to Daniel Craig - lol!



BearFamily said...

Oh cute, so I can see photo's of Santa arriving at Australia ??? How fun after seeing Sinterklaas here last weekend.!!! Waiting for your photo's !!!

Leah. said...

LOL'ing to the Den story!

Have a super great weekend chicky!

Wendy said...

Laughing at Den being the next 007, hmmm shall I just say he looked good in the Apron! LMBO....Wow what a Saturday...I don't know how you do it...I'm burying my head in the sand and hiding all weekend with my Macro lens, LOL...Have fun and don't forget to breath...I hope Hugh has a blast in the parade and Katie has a fairy good time at her parties!!

evanwick said...

Wow....a busy Saturday ahead!! Love the blog about it! What a great idea!
(I have groceries and the library in the morning and early Thanksgiving dinner at Lynda's in the afternoon...ahhhh)

Kami said...

Oh wow! Busy indeed, hope your weekend is fun!!!

Jodie Redman said...

Will be looking forward to seeing all the photos from such a busy weekend! Hope Hugh had fun in the Parade today - we were planning to go but were busy helping friends move house. Have a great weekend.

Jorinde said...

I am getting jealous here, Dan can cook and be the next 007!!! LOL

Talking about storm, it's been storming here for more than a day as well and snowed at the same time! So as I am getting ready for the right moment for the Photo Challege picture:)

Hope you all are having fun at the parade and with the fairies :)

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