Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Achievements of one form or another

I had to laugh this morning. I love my boy. He gets up and starts to organise his own breakfast and lunch while I am still in bed. But I came down this morning to find Hugh's head buried deep in the pantry ..... "what are you doing Hugh?" Well apparently it required some spring cleaning and reorganisation of the very important "snacks". As to my girl ..... we worked on writing her name lower case. I made the mistake of teaching Hugh upper case ..... she did good and was so proud (hehehe)


Jodie Redman said...

Wow that's great writing by Katie! I made the same mistake with E and now he still has trouble not doing capitals. LOL to Hugh's organisation of the cupboard - too cute!

Proverbs 31 said...

Katie's hand writing is great & Hughie sounds like my son he's always tidying up mind you he's 36 now but it wasn't always like that when he was living at home lol!! Marie x

Leah. said...

I'll take Hughie over at my house ASAP!!

Great job Katie!!!

Nichole said...

Very nice writing to Katie!!! And Helen, I would have thought you'd know, the organization of snacks, is of the utmost importance. Takes a 7 year old, sometimes to teach us these things. Not mine. He is really upset right now because he can't eat fruit. He is sooo sick. And of course, if he even looks at food right now, he tosses. So he is not happy. If I could get him to eat anything other that fruit and veggies, I would be happy.

also, nice to see and everyday, little moment post. Grounds me, lets me take a deep breath and go, yea, those are my days too and that's what I love about life right now. These little moments.

Lenore Ryan said...

LOL! I can identify with Hugh's reorganization efforts! James' room can be so messy that you can't walk across the floor, but his shoes are perfectly lined up! I give up!!

Katie's doing great with her writing! WOW!!

BearFamily said...

Oh wow, Katie can already write her name??!!! That's fantastic, it took Kayleigh a long time untill she could spell her name right, and didn't write the letters upside down and from right to left. Well done Katie !!!! I love the way Hugh is helping you with so many things, that's so sweet to do for a boy!! You're so unique Hugh, a very big hug from Holland!!

Wendy said...

Laughing at Hugh and his organization skills...Just make sure you let him know when he meets that special girl when he is older don't reorganize her kitchen without her permission...Fred learned that lesson the hard way, lol...Yea Katie to writing your name...You are so very smart and special Katie!!

Yummers! said...

That's very good printing! The teachers will be so glad that she learned it in lower case letters. And... WOW! They're even going in the right direction... applause for Katie (and Mom-the-teacher).

Hugh can come and organize our cupboards any time. He'll make a great husband.
Grammy J

evanwick said...

My snack shelf needs Hugh! That's so funny!
And hooray for Katie! (I did the upper case thing with Rosie too! Oops...it occurred to me later that maybe I should've thought about the lower case letters!)

Take care!

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