Thursday, September 25, 2008

A quiet September break

Today the children and I were looking at my scrap page from last September holidays. Whoa! We were busy. You know me....always got activities planned for my kids in the holidays. Not this year. Between work etc I decided to relax this week (I only had Tuesday and Thursday). Next week Den and I are both off, so nothing planned but anything could happen. Such is life with Denis. Today was the mandatory trip to the shopping centre to pick up necessary items but as we walked into our local supermarket to do the grocery shopping, we were greeted with free sand art. Woohoo! Got to love that. So you see, without even planning it, the children got to have a fun activity:
big buckets full of colourful sand that Chonka delighted in pouring on her pony picture

Hugh has to show me every step of the way and Katie looks a little lost amongst the big kids

It was very serious business.....and all for FREE!!!

the finished products - a horse and "I love you" ("cause I do Mum")
Today we got many compulsory items (my regular school shoe update is to follow) and many non mandatory items! Sheesh! All the kids in the street these holidays are having major scooter races! Eight kids in the street and seven scooters - one person did not have one - guess who! (poor darling was running her little three year old legs off trying to keep up - lol). Not after today!! And how girlie is our newest acquistion! LOL! A pink and purple "horsey scooter" no less! I have also include a shot of the new "ballet outfit" for I am sick of washing the one and only we have! When I saw they were on special I headed off, a nice pink dress .... NOT! BLACK shorts and top - OMGosh someone has a mind of their own. And don't you just love the "love 2 dance" on her bum! You would have to write that about ten times to get it across the width of my bum! LOL! Too cute!


Leah said...

Awww Helen you are such a good Mum. I want to join in the sand art. It does indeed look like serious fun.

I'm so excited for Katie to have a scooter of her very own. Again, such a good Mum.

Love to Dance very cute!

Take care and R.E.L.A.X. this weekend =)

Kami said...

Those pics are so cute!!! I truly love seeing glimpses of your lives! And Katie's choice in her new outfit is so adorable!!

Lenore Ryan said...

Love Katie's choice of dance clothing and the scooter will have the other girls in the neighborhood jealous!! She's going to look so flashy, zipping around on that!!

I truly hope you do get to rest during your work/school break! You deserve it!!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

WOW!! Must be fun.. and I sure Katie will enjoy alot on her Scooter and Cutie Outfit saying Love Dance..
Ur good picture taken!!!

Jodie Redman said...

Gotta love Sand Art! Hope Katie has lots of fun on her new scooter! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

evanwick said...

Ooh...I love hearing about your holidays! You always find the best things to do.

That scooter is to die for. I know another little girl who would want that.

And I'm laughing about the writing on the back of Katie's shorts. It would take many more letters to cover mine too!!


Nichole said...

wait wait took your camera to the grocery store!?!

Ok so, now when my husband complains about me lugging my camera around, and I give in!, I am going to show him this. This proves it, I would have missed this! Because 'pre-Helen blog' I would never have taken mine to the grocery store. yea! Helen, you have made me feel sane.

Little girls! I know the feeling, you get sent into the teenage years. I think it is funny and adorable that those girls all had the same jewelery! Priceless!

And her outfit is REALLY cute.

I guess I will have to post some pics of bella's choices. YIKES! I am not kidding. You'll see.

Christine said...

LOL! You're too funny! And oh my, Katie is growing up so quickly! The outfit is too cute!

Wendy said...

Oh how I love Hugh and Katies sand-art pictures...I want the horse one, cute and so much fun. I am jealous it's just not fair that they have so much for the kids to do on Holiday breaks, just NOT fair!!! Wow to Katie it looks like she had a blast shopping!! Love that scooter, it's beautiful! The outfit is adorable and still laughing about the writing if it was on your rear, too funny!! You DAG!!

Jorinde said...

Wow great fun at the supermarket, got to love those happy surprices! And they both made beautiful things! love that little horse!

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