Monday, August 04, 2008

Our weekend

My boy loves his AFL - Australian Rules Football. So he was thrilled when we took him to see his team (and first ever professional game) at our biggest stadium the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on Saturday. We drove part way there and thought to catch the train in. Trains were only partially operating due to weekend works, so there were buses involved as well. Sheesh! The only person happy about that was Katie for she had never been on a bus before. There was over 46, 000 people at the game (the capacity is more than double that) and I sat beside Hugh to point things out. I used to really be into football when I was a kid. My poor Dad had no sons and the two of us used to go religiously. I still can't believe I was now here with my son and getting right into it. It was fun. Next day Hugh got up and said, "yesterday was the best day of my life". To see more photos from our day, click here.
I was worried about the Chonka. An hours trip there and back and three hours sitting in cold weather. Luckily I took enough snacks to last three hours, so inbetween doing the occasional drawing and calling out "Go Bombers", she ate continuously. "Shut up" food I call it! OH! Hugh's team won! Woohoo!

The next day the weather was fine, so after being so pumped from the day before, Hugh was keen to go to Auskick. Den and Katie went off and played. While I photographed Hugh.

Poor Hugh ... I think he got a bit too inspired from the day before and went to smother an opponents kick and succeeded in doing so with his face. A few tears but he rallied back. Too see more Auskick photos click here.
Later that day I took Hugh to a bowling party. Why are bowling alleys so dark? He had fun and I experimented without my flash.
So that was one busy weekend.


Leah said...

Yeah!!! Looks like a fun weekend!

I just can't seem to get over the fact that Den and Hugh are wearing shorts... in the winter!

Lenore Ryan said...

Oh, what fun Hugh must have had at the game! How excited he must have been!! It's so great that he loves the sport! "The best day of his life" is a pretty big statement....sounds like you've done well!!

evanwick said...

I got so excited when I saw this post. First of all...I can't get over the excitement in your stadium photos! I've never been to ANYTHING like that! Yay for Katie for being such a trooper! It looks like you had an amazing weekend!!!

Wendy said...

Yes what a busy wonderful weekend. So glad Katie did well. Laughing at your snack idea, is that how it works! Fantastic photos ma' to the bowling alley did you think maybe that is why they make monopods and tripods? hmmm it's an idea, lol...MWA!

Jodie Redman said...

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun - glad to hear it went so well. Great Auskick photos too!

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