Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday a go-go!

Helen a "go-go" Hancock! Or maybe I should just be "Hancock" the Will Smith super hero! LOL! That' s me! Yesterday we were out for five hours! Phew *wiping my brow*. First stop was the "Kung Fu Panda" show at the shopping centre where we met up once more with Charlene, Jed and Maxine, after which we went with them to have McDonalds for lunch. Then time to buy a few items including new runners for Hugh (see blog entry below) and of course time to spend Hugh's acumulating pocket money - a whole $13! I asked Den whether the Chonka could also buy one little thing - what did she choose? Yikes! See below. We then headed off to do our grocery shopping at the local supermarket and discovered that they also had school holiday entertainment. So Hugh acquired some balloon art - not for Katie she is scared as the balloons do seem to pop rather readily; and, Katie some exquisite face painting - not for Hugh, such a boy! This woman's work was really quite extraordinary, the best I have seen and you all know we have had some pretty good face painters of late. And to think ... it was all free! So here are the photos:
Lucky I have such a good model always ready to pose.

Kung Fu Panda show at the local shopping centre. This time we opted to go up top for a better view.

(L)Time to spend that pocket money...Hugh opted for some Transformer spy gadgets and Katie ... well take a look. Barbie shoes! Sheesh! Actually...Katie had a choice between a handsome prince (to accompany all the Barbies) or shoes. LMAO! What does her decision tell us! Watch out world!(R) Hugh and Jed eating McDonalds for lunch.

(L)Hugh and his buddies - Jed and Leon watching the show. (R) Hugh getting some balloon art - a dog crawling up a tree - hhmmm.
Week one down ... now what can we get up to next week *rubbing hands* ... I love school holidays.


Wendy said...

What an AWESOME day!! I am still jealous about the Kung Fu Panda show, it's just not fair (boohoo) an even the grocery store is doing things for the kids!! sigh!...I love the photo of Hugh with Jed, buddies!! I can not believe the face painters you have there, WOW!! That is art!! Wearable art!! Katie looks like a fairy princess! I love Katies shoes...they are just her style...You are a good Mum Helen!!

Rania Maatouk said...

I miss having school holidays! I remember how exciting it was to go to different places and feel FREE …. I also miss being kid and doing all those little fun things. Of course I never thought of mum and just how demanding we would have been. Your post gets me a little excited about having kids in the hope that perhaps I get to live these experiences again through them! Hahaha ….Unlikely?
Ps.Love the photo of Katie. How fun.

Jodie Redman said...

Wow what a busy day!! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Katie's face painting is gorgeous! Was that at Lynbrook?

Krissy said...

what a super fun day!!!!! I am LOVE with the photo of Katies face painting. WOW How GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Give those sprouts a hug from me~

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