Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Library entertainer

This man was incredibly entertaining. He did it all - what an interesting life he must have led. His name is Mike Jackson and it was a collection of funny songs, actions games, magical string figures, so many instruments and hilarious funny antics and juggling. Great stuff - you can see Hugh and Katie tapping their knees!


mosbarger said...

Oh my!!!!! Now, THAT is talent!!!! If I attempted that, I would take my eye out!!!!

Wendy said...

LMAO off at Karin's comment! She probably would too! This is great H and so glad you took video! I need to send our librarians to your blog, lol...Or maybe the Library superintendent!!

Jodie Redman said...

What a talent!! LOL! When we got our new computer Mark mounted the speakers on the wall for surround sound... unfortunately I can't reach them to turn them on so I haven't been able to listen to this up til now! It was worth the wait LOL!!!

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