Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A fun challenge at Oscraps

I got up this morning, read about this challenge, and have done nothing since. All done now, had some fun ... now I better hop to all my chores - hehehehe. Loads of fun - check out the forum - a makeover challenge!
2003 scrap page:
This is probably one of the first LOs I ever did. Hughie in 2003 aged 2!!! Look at my baby boy five years ago! Sheesh!Back in those days I only ever used the basic scrapping program I had.
2008 Makeover:

Credits: all TaylorMade Designs available at Oscraps: All-inclusive template - The Heart (slightly altered to fit old photos); paper - Loopty-Loop Paper Pack


Wendy said...

Oh Helen I love the makeover, WOW!! Hugh was adorable!! You did a fantastic job. Isn't it fun to go back and look at how far we have come on our digi, (or with me)paper layouts!! MWA! Great job!!

Jodie Redman said...

Great makeover Helen! It's it amazing how much your style has changed over the time. Your new LO is so much more "You"! How cute was Hugh!!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, he's such a mini man! Completely adorable, I could just pick him up and squeeze him. LOL.

You totally inspired me to try this challenge. You should see some of my first layouts....scary to say the least!

Nancy said...

oh my, look at little hughie!! this is so cute! love the makeover.

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