Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An action packed Tuesday

What a day for Hugh. Two activities today and both with Alesha. These two have been friends since two years of age and she now lives two doors down.
Loads of pool fun at the local YMCA school holiday program - games and activities but still very serious business. I know who will sleep well tonight.

I love the joy on his face and the intensity of the shot in the boat.
More photos can be found by clicking here.

Later in the afternoon we were off to the library to read about knights and make some armour out of discarded CDs no less - ha!

They were very proud of their efforts with a bit of help from Mum.


Nancy said...

sounds like a great day for hugh, especially since it's getting cold there, it must have been nice to go swimming!

Jodie Redman said...

Looks like that had a fabulous time! I love that first colour accent photo - it's just gorgeous!

Wendy said...

Oh Helen the pool photos are fantastic! Love that Hugh and Alesha have been friends for so long and that they enjoy each others company!! What a great day! Armor out of CD's, now that is an idea!! We have a dragon over here, keep your knight away as it is a good dragon!! LOL...You've done a wonderful job planning Hugh's Holiday Mum!! Looks like he is having fun!

Lenore Ryan said...

You always do such a great job of finding fun things to do during Hugh's school breaks. You're a great Mum!! It looks like Hugh and Alesha had a great time swimming....what a wonderful thing to do when it's cold and yucky outside!! Your pictures are great....you caught the motion of swimming and waterplay perfectly!!

Tiffany's Photos said...

AWW I need a cool pool. lolz.. here in CA. so hot.. ur colder is it?? wow cold going inside pool to have fun.. It sound like FUN!!

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