Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday family adventure - Ashcombe Maze

I am a lucky girl. Dear Denny is always planning where he can take us and where I will get the best photos. After a big family discussion about where to go - on what ultimately turned out to be the only reasonable weather day of this long weekend - we ended up at the wonderful Ashcombe Maze.

The lavendar maze and the aromatic smells were a definite highlight for me. Fields of flowers.

Another highlight for me was the "fairy woods" and little ponds everywhere.

Could hardly believe when we stumbled, literally, upon these. Got to "lurve" the macro!

The children had a wonderful a reuniting hug after making it out of the maze.

The main reason for my happiness in life. Needless to say my new screen saver :)

Another highlight for me was the little lake and jetty at the rear of the grounds. So peaceful and made for great photography.

A definite highlight for the children was finding the fairies and gnomes. They were each given a little clipboard and pencil (see below) and spent their time combing the trees and bushes for almost twenty of the little statues. Great fun!

If you would like to see more of my photos from the maze, please CLICK HERE.


Jorinde said...

Your photo's are so beautiful! When I look at it I realize that I should spend more time learning more about my camera!

Jodie Redman said...

Gorgeous photos Helen! I especially like the b&w one of the tree. Looks like a really lovely place to visit will have to put it on our list of places to see!

Tiffany's Photos said...

I agree with jorinde what she said.. ur wonderful.. ur kids soo beautiful and joyful..

love these photos..

Rite Now My 2 Kids are now TEENAGERS will try to take pictures on them
and My Older Daugther is become ADULT. hehe will do samething..

Wendy said...

OH MY, OH MY, OH MY GOODNESS!! These are fantastic!! I am speechless (snort, snort), yea right!! LOL...Helen the black and white of the the small ponds, trees and Den? is totally AWESOME!! It's so soft and the light is just played with it, didn you? LOL...I love the Macro of the mushroom/fungi...WOW!! I will be off to flickr soon...These are just fantastic!! Thanks Den for taking her to Ashcombe and thinking up all these great places so she can take photos, and AWESOME photos at that!!

Leah said...

Wow!!!!! Amazing photos!!!!

Rania Maatouk said...

Are you kidding me??? How amazing are these photos? Some of your best, i think. Perhaps it's time you give me a few lessons.

evanwick said...

That place just looks so magical! You took some great photos!!!

Christine said...

Okay, you are too spoiled to have a hubby who comes up with these ideas for you!!! And these photos - what can I say? They're absolutely stunning! I'll be back to look them over more closely but just had to leave a note to say brilliant work, girl! And I'll be checking out flickr too!

noredust said...

Your photos here have left me spellbound!! I want to visit this place sooo badly (and you too!!)!! Your photos are topnotch and amazing!

Leiko said...

my goodness, Helen!! The MOST gorgeous photos I have seen!!! I love the dreamy quality to them. Makes it so serene. Love, love, love them!! Totally feeling inspired now (although not so much by the weather we've been having).

mosbarger said...

There you go again...creating some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!! Seriously!!!! Love each and every shot- especially the one of Katie and Hugh!!!!

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