Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Us!

Credits: paper and flower stamp - Peaches and Regalias Kit and Word art - Kinda Stuck Wordart Stickers - TaylorMade Designs. Overlay - Subtly Inked Overlays - Leiko Beck Designs ALL AVAILABLE OSCRAPS

So what to do on the long hour trip to my father's house yesterday?? Well for one thing take the portable DVD player. "Why?" Den asks - for a quiet trip, silly.... no back seat arguing, it drives me nuts. Den has suggested previously that I should take my lap top on lengthy trips "oohhh" and my eyes widened at the prospect, so yesterday I took up his suggestion. I had only been complaing (to myself - not like anyone else listens) that I really was in need of some good photos. Well Friday night this is what I spotted out in my backyard. Quick! Grab the camera! So here is the result of the drive to Pa's birthday yesterday. Kids quietly watching, Mummy quietly scrapping and Daddy got a peaceful hour to listen to talkback radio. Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about.


Jodie Redman said...

What a great idea taking the laptop in the car! Lovely LO Helen! I think I'm gonna have to get that Peaches & Regalias kit it's just so lovely!

Lenore Ryan said...

What a cute kit and a great pic! How do you "catch your kids just right"??? I can't even catch the one I've got!!! LOL

Wendy said...

Yea HELEN!! What a great idea for long trips and love what you accomplished too!! Fantastic Layout and what a precious memory you've created!! Great job on the photo capture too!!

Tiffany's Photos said...

wow what a great catch photos of ur kids.. are they close?? smile

P.S. Love those damn Picture!

mosbarger said...

OMG! This is breathtaking!!!!! The picture is superb, and the layout is stunning!!!!! Way to go!!!!

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