Sunday, June 15, 2008

Auskick and a walk home

We have all been a bit under the weather, however, Auskick is not to be missed - regardless. Den and Hugh headed down there in the car and Katie and I followed up later. I opened up my big mouth and said maybe Katie could ride down - no going back on that was there. So off we set. Hugh still loves playing football on Sundays (and every other day by himself for that matter!! LOL) and I thought this was a great snap of him trying to stop the ball going through the goals.

This was a fun photo (below) Hugh and his Auskick buddies - Nathan, Jed, Jarod and Hugh - warming up.
Then came the walk home. Den went to the shops so that left me with the troops. I know I go on and on about Hugh and what a good kid he is - no bias there - hehehe for I am just his mother. Believe me, some times he drives me nuts and gets so wound up. But on the whole he has a beautiful nature. The photo below so exemplifies this. He is protective, caring, loving and so responsible, he took hold of Katie's bike as she crossed the road.

Down the slight incline to home and he once again holds onto Katie's bike so that she does not get out of control. There was obviously some protests from the said Miss (no surprises there! LOL) and he lets go but still jogs beside her just in case.

I love my boy.


Leah said...

Awwwwww, Hughie you are a fantastic big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany's Photos said...

wow.. Hughie is fanstastic BIG BROTHER!!!

Amy said...

Ahhhh haaa, I see your inspiration for the 5 challenge!
Great shots!

Lenore Ryan said...

You have the most amazing kids! Hugh is such a great big brother!! Love the pictures...they show such sweetness and caring!!

evanwick said...

Oh goodness...I was just peeking at your blog when I should be finishing up lunch preparation! I had to comment on this because the photos of Hugh helping Katie made me all misty and my heart has melted! You have such great kids!!


Wendy said...

I love the shot of Hugh going through the goal post, GREAT capture!! The little princess looks Sharp in that little pink jacket and black boots!! What a diva!! Love the photo of Hugh and his buddies, a precious memory captured there...And Hugh is such a sweet brother, so kind and considerate!! He learned that from his Mum and Dad!! Great photos Helen, hope y'all are feeling better!

Jodie Redman said...

What a great big brother!

mosbarger said...

I know I say this all the time, but Hugh is soooooooo sweet!!! He is such a caring, old soul!!! You are very is Katie!!!! Adorable pictures....the color is perfect!!!!

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