Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time to move on......

So what has been happening in the Hancock household lately? Finally our new routine is up and happening - three days at the office a week agrees with me. I think/hope it helps Den. Katie is happy with her routine of a day at creche and then a day at home etc. Hugh is loving school and I still get to be there for them after school - thanks Den. So all seems well. A big mothers day weekend is coming up - so stay tuned. I have decided to cut back my involvement at some sites and focus more on what I want to do. I love taking photos and really want to focus on that. I will always scrap but I want to scrap for me and when I want and how I want. So time to move on. Denis also surprised me with a copy of PS Elements 6 for Mother's Day! Woohoo. Time to put away my dinosaur of a program and start to learn some serious photo business. Thanks babe! Until I get acquainted with my new program I have been fiddling in Picasa which Den downloaded for me - free. I know Elements will do all this and more, but to be able to do blur selectively and use a "glow" feature....well see the difference for yourselves.

Credits: word art - Annie's Little footprints

Subtle but effective one would say. I can't wait to do more. My photos have always been so raw with the exception of saturation and gamma.

Now to end off with a couple of photos that I love. Annie's Little Footprints is doing an amazing set of AA Milne quotes.....and as my friend Jodie and I were discussing the other day, just to be able to add a quote or little something to a photo just gives it that story and makes all the difference. (Doesn't it Lenore!!! Sepia girl!)

This photo of Katie is raw.... absolutely nothing done to it. What do you think of the orange? I tried ssooo many colours. Does it look okay? Or should I just revert back to black?

Credits: word art - Annie's Little Footprints

I decided to do a matching page for Hugh as she did three different styles of the word art. All I did to this photo was to desaturate it. Blur did not really add anything given the depth of field already.

Credits: word art - Annie's little footprints

Have a great day everyone!


Jodie Redman said...

WOW Helen!! These are gorgeous!! This is my kind of scrapping! Off to download picasa.....

Yummers! said...

I'm so happy for you that you have found your niche and your direction. Go for it!! You've grown so in the year I've known you.

I have PS Elements and use it for my photo editing, etc. but haven't fiqured out the scrapping part. Please teach me when you've got it going.

I'm so darn busy with wedding stuff that it has sapped my time and creative energy. I can't seem to put together a decent blog and only read a few blogs. After the wedding is over I will focus on what areas of interest have surfaced over the year and get organized. I'm drowning right now... glug, glug, glurp.
Off to clean bathrooms... how creative!?!
Love to all the Hancocks,
Grammy J

Wendy said...

Wow Helen, I LIKE!! You have come such a long way and are doing a WONDERFUL job on these photos and the word-art!!

Tiffany's Photos said...



Angie said...

Helen, I certainly understand the need to "scale back." I'm just doing the bare minimum for my creative team assignments . . .but there's still so much to do!

Mark A. Rinaldi said...
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Leah said...

My god girl. I'm gasping all over the place!!! These photos and scrapbook pages are fantastic, this is without a doubt your niche, you go girl, do your thing. I'm waiting anxiously for more of this!!!!!

mosbarger said...

Oh good grief!!!!!! So glad you are spending more time on your photography- it makes me look so darn BAD!!! Seriously, these take my breath away!!!! I totally understand why you feel the need to cut back on some things...I am doing so, myself. BUT, if your photography gets any better, I can not be your friend anymore...not even your DCP.

cmnb said...

Been missing you, Helen, so thought I'd come and see what you've been up to. And now I'll make a point of stopping by regularly :)

These photos are amazing but thought one of Katie is breathtaking!! Please tell me how you did that!


cmnb said...

A typo in my comment... and I don't know how to edit! YIKES!

Krissy said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!! H THESE PHOTOS ARE ASTOUNDING!!!!!!! I am just wowed by your talent, and your eye for photography. Just when I think you couldn't POSSIBLY get better, you do this. WOW! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous things~

Anonymous said...

Oh Helen these are lovely!!!!! I really love the look and the cute phrases!

Hope you enjoy PSE6 I use it and love it. But of course still learning it too! LOL

I hope to take a photography course this summer! I want to be a much better Photographer, with another grandchild on the way I want to be really ready!


Anita007 said...

Hi Helen, just visited your blog, you made GORGEOUS pictures!!! I'm simply without words.... WOW!!!!
Regards from Holland

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