Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well worth the wait

You were so patient but so excited. With no birthday party this year you were allowed to invite one friend over. You finally decided on an older boy you had met a couple of times through Den's iaido functions. Weird I know! But the handful of times you two have played together you have had a blast with your bionicles. So I rang the mother and asked them over for lunch. You asked - very politely - "if" you were getting some bionicles for your birthday and "if" they visited before your birthday, do you think you could have them prior to your birthday so you could play with Luke on the day. Your father and I agreed that would be okay and Friday night could not come soon enough. For me either bud! You were so excited you told me it was all you could think, dream, wish and talk CONSTANTLY about leading up to this night. Even having to wait for your Dad to come home from work, even having to wait for fish 'n chips in the park you were ever patient. Now here is your were so appreciative as you hugged and kissed us all. Happy "early" birthday Magoo! Now how can I top this next Wednesday???


Jodie Redman said...

Hope Hugh enjoys his special lunch & playing with his Bionicles!

Angie said...

What a great family. Thanks for giving us these wonderful slices into your world. I love every second you share!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, thanks for another Hancock update.. I noticed you said Hughie isn't having a party, is there a chance at all to come over and help blow out some candles before/ after the drive in movies??

lOVE Amanda n Darryl

Wendy said...

Hughie is such a wonderful young man!! So very patient and kind! I'm glad he had a great weekend! His parents deserve a round of applause for doing such a fantastic job raising him!!

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